Ground-Breaking Technology Fighting COVID-19

Power on Demand has officially been approved to use their TiO2 lights to help combat COVID-19

20th May 2020

Many entrepreneurs from our Crowd2Fund community have been working hard with the government to use their resources to help combat COVID-19. One of our entrepreneurs, Adrian Ladds, founder of Power on Demand - champion provider of Solar Energy products - has officially been approved as a supplier to help fight the virus.

Information about TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) has been circulating in the news for some time now, regarding its powerful self-cleaning and antibacterial effects. TiO2 coated UV lights also became FDA approved, after undergoing vigorous testing for reducing and virtually eliminating viruses in a US laboratory. The results demonstrated a 99.9% elimination rate. In addition to this, numerous studies and papers have also been produced in Japan, further backing up the capabilities of the specially coated lights. After hearing about this, Power on Demand decided to explore this further and take matters into their own hands to see how it would work on COVID-19. 

They have now produced TiO2 coated lights to help fight the virus, and so far, the results have been wildly impressive. So impressive that Robbie Moore, MP for Keighley, has also backed the project and has a TiO2 unit which Power on Demand has supplied. He is now doing all he can to make sure that the units are distributed into the NHS as soon as possible.

The lights can be installed directly into ceiling grids. For speed, the lights can be plugged in and supported temporarily in triage areas, COVID-19 isolation wards, and ICU wards, to reduce the spread of the virus.

The UK is not the only country to fight the virus with TiO2 lighting. Countries such as China and Poland, have already started to implement the practice of disinfecting public spaces with it. The Chinese government have installed the lights in hospitals and schools. TiO2 lights are also widely used in Poland to disinfect hospitals and food production plants. To increase public safety, they are now testing the substance in more open spaces. Currently, it has proven to keep trains virus free.

It is safe to say that there is huge potential in the use of TiO2, and it will be used for more than just COVID-19. We at Crowd2Fund are delighted to see one of our businesses pave the way forward to help with the crisis. 

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