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The practical solution to raising finance

5th January 2023


SME owners are under increasing pressure to explore all available financing options considering the present economic challenges. Crowdfunding is a non-traditional route, offering a practical way to raise finance in a unique way. Here are a few things you should consider before committing to crowdfunding.   

First, it’s important to choose the right crowdfunding platform for your company. At Crowd2Fund we raise finance from private investors at scale through the online marketplace and community. In addition to raising finance, our clients also gain the opportunity to promote their business through a marketing campaign. This provides entrepreneurs with a more personal experience where they can connect with the community of investors.  



Secondly, consider the type of finance you are looking for. 

Equity: Good for early-stage businesses looking for growth funding. Investors will want to understand what progress your business has made and what stage of growth it’s at. 

Peer-to-peer:  A similar model that may also involve debt but is more common among smaller groups of high-net-worth individuals. 

Rewards: Offers backers special discounts or benefits when the product eventually launches. 

We offer a variety of funding options at Crowd2Fund. 


When it comes to crowdfunding, it’s important to do a bit of groundwork. Working closely with our team, we help you create a campaign that excites our investors. We provide a marketing template which is our blueprint for running a successful campaign and are there to support throughout the funding round.  

Crowdfunding works best when entrepreneurs are engaged through the raise. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand time is tight. So we’ve created a simple and effective campaign process that requires less work and more peace of mind. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us today.

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