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Looking for a way to build a team of investors to help your business grow?

4th May 2022

At Crowd2Fund we’re a community of entrepreneurs, passionate about championing others and helping innovative businesses to achieve even more success. We’ll promote your business to our high-value audience online and via our newsletters, strong social following, events and sometimes even create a short film promoting your business. Learn more about how our revolutionary platform can help your business in our guide. Getting a loan from Crowd2Fund is different from getting a bank loan, as all our capital is exclusively raised from private individuals.  We believe this type of capital is higher quality than a bank loan or institutional capital because of the additional benefits it brings to your business - we call it ‘Smart-Money’.

Our unique platform not only gives you access to the capital you need but also enables you to incentivise investors further by offering them a tangible reward in addition to their returns (for example, an exclusive discount or perks). By joining Crowd2Fund you’ll become part of our 15,000-strong community of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial investors. We’ll promote your business to our high-value audience online and via our newsletters. Check out this video compilation of some of our favourite businesses:


It's not just investment - we accelerate you. Raise up to £1m from 6% and build your community of sophisticated investors. 

At Crowd2Fund we offer various funding solutions as listed below:  

1. Fixed Term Loans

Suited to established businesses demonstrating a track record of profitability. Investors will generally expect security for the loan, in the form of assets, debentures, or personal guarantees of the directors. Our loans start at 6% APR, with terms of up to 5 years and you can borrow up to £1m.

 2. Revenue Loans 

Revenue Loans are perfect for a new business that needs to manage cash flow closely. Your monthly repayments are flexible, so in the busy months you pay off your debt, and in the quiet months you just make minimum payments. Revenue Loans start at 6% APR, with terms of up to 5 years. 

3. Interest Only Loans

Specifically designed for project-funding. You decide if you want to make interest payments monthly, bi- monthly, or quarterly, and the full capital only becomes payable on maturity. Crowd2Fund Interest-Only Loans start at 6% APR, with terms of up to 5 years. 

4. Equity 

Good for early stage businesses looking for growth funding. Investors will want to understand what progress your business has made and what stage growth it’s at. Crowd2Fund fees are 6%. 

5. Donations

Not-for-profit businesses launch or get support for philanthropic projects, such as social enterprises or environmental causes. This is a great way for Not-for-profit organisations to increase their donation base substantially. We want to support your cause, so we do this all free of charge. 

We believe that finance needs to be fast, fair and flexible to meet today’s demands. Our team is passionate about supporting you on your journey to success because when you win, we win. 

To find out more or to apply for finance, contact us at: and our team will be more than happy to review your business and provide a free consultation. 





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