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Supplement Your IFISA Returns With 'Refer & Earn'

At Crowd2Fund, we want to reward existing investors and encourage you to share your success from using the platform. Enter Refer & Earn: a bonus scheme that allows you to get 2% cashback on investments made by someone that you refer to the platform after 12 months.

28th May 2021

As an existing investor in Crowd2Fund, you may already be benefiting from an average APR of 10.99%*, and familiar with our dynamic crowdfunding platform.  

What you may not know is that we have a bonus scheme in place to reward our existing investors for their continued support in Crowd2Fund, and this comes in the shape of Refer & Earn. This allows you to get 2% cashback into your Wallet on investments made 12 months after someone you refer joins the platform. This can boost your IFISA and investment returns even further, having the potential to generate thousands of pounds in extra cash. So far, investors have earned tens of thousands of pounds by referring their network.

How Do I Refer?

We present to you the five easy steps that get potentially net you a few extra thousand pounds:

  1. Log in to your Crowd2Fund account and click on ‘Portfolio’
  2. If you have an active investment, follow the instructions on the “Refer & Earn”
  3. Share the unique link and code generated amongst people that you think would suit the platform
  4. Ask them to use your unique code when they sign up so we know who to give cash to
  5. We credit your Wallet after 12 months

Why Refer Friends to the Platform?

It’s a no-brainer: you get extra returns on your investments for very little effort. Existing investors to receive the 2% cashback offer from up to five referrals. If these five referrals utilise their full IFISA allowance (currently £20,000 per annum) this will result in £2,000 extra cash for the original referrer. To maximise returns even further, investors may choose to deploy these funds into debt campaigns on the platform through live opportunities or on The Exchange.

Share Investment Knowledge

As one of only a handful of platforms to offer direct investment options, investors on Crowd2Fund are able to individually pick the companies they invest in. Portfolios are built on individual interests (i.e. by sector), alongside a desired level risk criteria.

Inviting friends to the platform with mutual interests allows you to double down on your shared knowledge to build a bespoke portfolio. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) and its benefits over more traditional savings schemes.

So, why not sit tight and potentially earn a couple thousand extra pounds by simply sharing around to your network and friends? Be that trendsetter and start referring now!

Support More UK Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses

At Crowd2Fund, we work hard to find the UK’s fastest-growing and most innovative businesses for you to invest in. By getting your network to join the platform, you are helping create more successful businesses and entrepreneurs which generates jobs and economic prosperity for all.

*before fees and bad debts

This offer is not available to anyone who is an advisor providing personal recommendations.


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