Fees with Crowd2Fund

Business fees

Crowd2Fund takes a 6% fee on the total amount raised. Above £500k this reduces to 2.5%.

The fee is collected when you've successfully raised investment and accepted the terms. The fee is collected from the total amount raised.

Example: Your business raises a loan of £120,000, at a rate of 6.1% APR repaying over 3 years. The total fee is £7,200 and monthly repayments are £3,656.

Investor fees

We collect a 1% annual fee on interest and capital payments to the investor, which is collected on receipt of the payment from borrowers. See an example here on our APR page.

Example: If you invest £5,000 for 36 months at 8.7%, Crowd2Fund would collect £1.58 from the repayment you receive every month.

Adding funds

Adding funds to your Crowd2Fund wallet via any means, by card or bank transfer, does not incur any charges from Crowd2Fund.

Card payments will transfer funds instantly to your Crowd2Fund wallet, whilst bank transfers can take up to 3 working days.

Withdrawing funds

There’s no fee to withdraw funds from your Crowd2Fund wallet.

Example investment returns

Interest Rate Amount Invested Investment Term Interest Earned Crowd2Fund Fees Net actual Earnings Net actual Earnings Estimated % return
8.7% £5,000 12 months £238.75 £52.39 £186.36 £380.65 7.61%
8.7% £5,000 24 months £465.57 £54.56 £411.01 £848.77 16.97%
8.7% £5,000 36 months £698.85 £56.99 £641.86 £1,357.61 27.51%
8.7% £5,000 48 months £938.28 £59.38 £878.9 £1,910.72 38.21%
8.7% £5,000 60 months £1,183.92 £61.84 £1,122.08 £2,511.95 50.24%

Assumes the £5000 loan is paid back monthly with interest and initial capital lent.
Assumes the reinvested repayments are reinvested at 8.7% APR.

Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.
Capital at risk.
Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstance and is subject to change.

Recent Reviews

Trustpilot reviews

Star Star Star Star Star

Shane Sloan
25 Dec 2018

Excellent returns easy to understand
Excellent returns easy to work website. I wish I had invested more with crowd2fund instead of some of the other p2p provider's were loans have...

Star Star Star Star Star

Peter Oppenheim
27 Mar 2019

Efficient and good to work with
We have worked with Crowd2fund several times now and they are highly efficient and very good to deal with.

Star Star Star Star Star

Dave Dinky Willman
2 Nov 2018

Excellent IFISA company
I have been with C2F for just over a year, now, and the return rates are exceptional, some of the highest you can get, without investing in risky stocks...

Star Star Star Star Star

Timothy Holland
12 Jun 2018

An excellent organisation
An excellent organisation! It takes a bit of time to learn how to navigate through its website. A phone query dealt with immediatly by one "Hannah"...

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Risk warning

Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Your capital invested is not covered for compensation in the event of a loss by the FSCS. Tax treatment will depend on the individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Please see our Risk section before making an investment decision.