La Gelatiera

Celebrating La Gelatiera's success and achievements with Crowd2Fund

26th May 2021

Home to London’s finest artisan gelato, La Gelatiera has won multiple awards and we are honoured to be a part of their growth in helping them open up a restaurant in Stratford. 

Their story starts with Antonio the founder, as a boy living in Calabria in Southern Italy watching his grandfather traditionally make gelato. Paying homage to his family tradition, Antonio carried on his family name in gelato-making and with a modern twist, La Gelatiera’s ice cream are made by hand daily with fresh ingredients. Using the freshest ingredients and the best seasonal ingredients with organic dairy produce, their ice creams are 100% natural, free of any additives or preservatives, packed with flavour and low in fat.

Staying conscious of food waste, they create their ice creams in small batches. This also ensures that the food stays fresh.


La Gelatiera has been thoughtfully chosen in reference to the traditional gelato churn used originally by artisans to make gelato. They take great pride and passion in their craftsmanship, so much so that they encourage their customers to visit their laboratory inside to watch the gelato churning process. They can even have their coffee made on a unique machine, the Victoria Arduino Leva before relaxing in the handcrafted shop furniture constructed from reclaimed materials.

It is clear that Antonio has paid great attention to detail from all aspects of his business to deliver the very best to his customers.

His restaurant has been awarded a total of 25 coveted gold stars across 14 of our fantastic products, including five 3 gold stars, plus 4 Top 50 Foods and 2 ultimate Golden Fork for London and South East. Both their Hazelnut IGP gelato and the Sicilian Pistachio sorbet have been making the Top 50 list out of 10,000 products entered.

It has been wonderful to have seen how far they have come and are excited to see what the future holds next for them.

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