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At Crowd2Fund, we’ve worked with over 300 incredible businesses, helping them to raise funding and grow. At the core of each of these businesses is an entrepreneur who day in, day out, works tirelessly to make the company successful. In our eyes, each one of these entrepreneurs is a hero and they each have a unique story to tell. They come from all walks of life and are developing products and services across a wide range of industries.

This year, through our new Hero Campaign, we’re shifting the spotlight onto these amazing business people, showcasing who they are and what they have achieved. Below is a sneak preview of some of the heroes we will be showcasing over the coming months across a range of media, both on and offline.

MARIE CUDENNEC - CEO & Co-Founder of Goldfinger Factory

Marie set out for Goldfinger Factory to be a sustainable upcycling business and social enterprise. They create bespoke furniture and interiors, while helping artisans and artisans-in-the-making become self-sustainable through craft and, in turn, save materials from landfill. With the help of Crowd2Fund investors, they were able to expand their business to have a greater impact.


PHILLIP OPPENHEIM - CEO & Founder of Cubana Bar & Restaurant

Phillip founded the restaurant and bar group, Cubana, after experiencing the inspirational street food and exotic cocktails of Cuba while travelling. He sought to bring back these authentic flavours and lively atmosphere to London. Unsurprisingly, Cubana is extremely popular and to sustain their strong rate of growth, Phillip has raised funds with Crowd2Fund multiple times, increasing the capacity of their restaurants and opening new bars.


LINDA HOWARD - Owner & Director of Giffords Hall Vineyard

Linda and her husband, Guy, produce extremely high-quality, award-winning rosé, white and sparkling wines from their Vineyard in Suffolk. The company was looking to increase production, to capitalise on the growth in the UK’s wine market, and expand its export market. They needed investment to reach these goals, and Crowd2Fund investors were there to support them.


CHRIS ODLING-SMEE - Owner & Director of The Marine & Property Group

Chris launched the company in Wales with his business partner, Drew, to cater for their ever-growing customer-base of boat owners. With funding from Crowd2Fund investors, he was able to build the new Cardiff Marine Village, with a new workshop, dry stack for boat storage and more boatyard services. The company has grown so much that it is now a very significant marine and property business throughout Wales.


DAN REES - CEO & Founder of Ruroc


Dan’s vision for Ruroc is to increase action, gravity, power, and winter sports participation by re-engineering protection for enhanced style and safety. Worn by athletes at the highest levels, and renowned for their presence in the pit lanes of Formula One, Ruroc were looking to accelerate their growth in multiple new markets, with the help of Crowd2Fund investors. Their investors not only supported their growth but received their famous RG1-DX helmets.


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