Invest on the go

How you can use our iOS app to grow your portfolio from anywhere.

Invest on the go

16th January 2020

Investing on the go has never been easier. With the Crowd2Fund iOS app you can manage and grow your investment portfolio anywhere, from the palm of your hand. 

Crowd2Fund’s iOS app was the first peer-to-peer debt crowdfunding platform on Apple’s App Store upon its launch in 2016. 

The latest version allows investors to track and manage their investment portfolio from the palm of their hand, as well as add funds to their accounts. At the time of publication, the average rating of the app is 4.4 (out of 5) stars.

IFISA Activation And Management

The flagship feature of the app allows users to activate and manage their IFISA portfolio.

Activation is a seamless experience, with investors only having to fill in their details, enter their National Insurance Number, and upload their identification documents in order to get set up and start investing.

Latest Opportunities, Easy Investment, And Portfolio Diversification 

Users are then able to review and invest in all campaigns that are live on the Crowd2Fund platform directly from the app. This includes access to key information that they would usually find on the website, such as financials, estimated APR, and product risk.

Once funds have been invested, users can review the existing companies within their portfolio as well as the terms of each loan. It is also possible to filter these by a number of preferences, including funding types, recently listed campaigns and those ending soon.

Access Monthly Activity And Repayment Schedules

The app’s dashboard provides detailed information on monthly investment and repayments, the current balance of portfolios, Average APR, and future potential earnings.

This makes it easy to ensure that portfolios are aligned with bespoke savings goals, with the ability to invest in other businesses should further diversification be needed.

The enhanced dashboard also contains a social feed detailing investment activity across the entire Crowd2Fund community, allowing users to easily identify opportunities which may be of interest based on their popularity. 

Buy And Sell On The Exchange

The app includes the web versions full functionality for investors to buy and sell investments on the Exchange - Crowd2Fund’s secondary marketplace.

This lets investors buy and sell their investments from their mobile devices and can be an effective means to make quick returns, as well as potentially purchasing them at a preferential rate.

Utilising The Exchange can also be a great way to diversify portfolios, due to its wider range of campaigns, which had previously been live on the platform.

Add Funds With Your Card

You can now easily add funds to your wallet by a card payment through the app.

Developing The App

“We’ve spent a lot of time refining our app to make the user experience with our platform as seamless and easy as possible,” says Crowd2Fund CEO Chris Hancock.

“Users should be able to manage their investments from anywhere, and as one of the only peer-to-peer lending platforms that offer a mobile application, we are able to offer wider access to our platform for investors.”

Users can download the refreshed Crowd2Fund iOS app here.

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