Artificial Intelligence comes to Crowd2Fund with Smart-Invest

Crowd2Fund, one of the UK’s leading peer-to-peer lending platforms and only one with the investor Exchange, has launched Smart-Invest, an intelligent investment feature that allows investors to automate their crowd lending investments.

Since April 2016, Crowd2Fund investors have been eligible to shelter up to £15,240 of tax-free earnings by setting up an Innovative Finance ISA. The Smart-Invest feature works hand in hand with the IF ISA as it enables investors to allocate the 2015/16 allowance across the platform by selecting their desired risk appetite and savings plan objectives. This is particularly valuable for investors who want to save time and ensure they don’t miss out on maximising returns on their savings. All businesses eligible for Smart-Invest have been handpicked and reviewed against our strict criteria.  Investors retain full control over the process with alerts and notifications confirming every pledge or repayment that takes place within their investment portfolio.

The Smart-Invest feature is the culmination of research into Artificial Intelligence and consultation with leading academics and industry leaders to make sure we offer our investors the most valuable benefits from this new feature.  After speaking with Murray Shanahan – Professor of Cognitive Robotics at Imperial – and technology leaders from IBM and Microsoft, we’ve gained valuable insight about the positive benefits AI brings to various industries and everyday life:

“AI is the future of compliance and finance, it is needed to ensure that customer service and product offerings are improved for the next generation of finance” says Daniel Pitchford, Director of AI Business.

Chris Hancock, CEO and founder of Crowd2Fund believes:

‘This is the start of a very exciting journey into AI with more technology led developments for Crowd2Fund in the coming months. Smart- Invest is aimed at retail investors looking to maximise their return on investment and their financial goals. Our intelligent automated feature means that investors can get on with their day-to-day lives whilst the platform manages their portfolio and returns for them. The combination of Smart-Invest and the IF ISA government scheme continues to demonstrate our commitment in helping our investors grow their savings whilst supporting great British businesses.” 

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