Crowd2Fund goes global

Crowd2Fund, one of the UK’s leading peer-to-peer business lending platforms and SME investor exchanges, has opened up its platform to the global market allowing investors from 163 countries worldwide to register for opportunities to invest in Britain’s fastest growing and most innovative businesses. Crowd2Fund is one of the few crowdfunding platforms which is FCA regulated and is the only directly FCA regulated platform globally offering a suite of different debt and equity investment vehicles. As such, all investments open to its global member base are secure, carefully vetted and compliant with UK financial regulation

Crowd2Fund’s platform offers new methods for innovative UK growth companies to access the finance that is best suited to their business objectives. Having recently launched its peer-to-peer Exchange, the platform also offers early stage investors access to the rapidly growing global SME investment market.

Extending its operations worldwide is testament to the scale Crowd2Fund has achieved and the growing source of investor demand on a global level. Demand is fast emerging from Chinese countries due to a lack of investment opportunities within the Chinese market and an enormous and fast growing high net worth community.

Grace Huang, Director of Crowd2Fund Asia Pacific said:

“There is overwhelming demand from Chinese investors to take part in this new and exciting type of investment. Chinese investors like the relative safety of the UK market and in particular the more historic and innovative projects that Crowd2Fund attract.

Opening their technology infrastructure in a legal and compliant way has been a huge challenge. We’re now seeing the first few investments to come out from the Chinese market which is a phenomenal step forward in the global investment space.”

Crowd2Fund has now built the infrastructure to allow international investors to invest directly through the platform offering an unparalleled source of investor liquidity for British businesses and long term growth for Chinese investors.

CEO Chris Hancock – having recently established Crowd2Fund’s partnership with the UKTI China – explains the complexities involved:

“Its more complex than just on-boarding investors from other markets – we need to consider security and compliance as key hurdles to navigate effectively. Due to our scalable technology, Crowd2Fund has the capability to conduct business critical regulatory requirements such as anti money laundering and fraud protection procedures to mitigate risk for the investors on our platform.

The global launch marks a very exciting step not only for the development of our platform, but also for those innovative British businesses looking to access vital growth capital and build a team of loyal, committed, international investors..”

In opening access for peer-to-business investment on a global scale, Crowd2Fund is leading the charge in taking a significant step to catering to the growth in demand from overseas investors, many of whom have been unable to participate in these types of investment until now.

As the platform continues to scale and develop, more and more businesses worldwide will be able to gain access to the capital they need – and Crowd2Fund will be well placed to facilitate this over the long-term..

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