The Revenue Loan: Attractive return on investments with added rewards from the brands you love

Here we pose a new idea, one in which you can invest in established and exciting brands, receive high interest rates 6-15%, whilst also receiving some added rewards.

11th November 2015

It’s coming up to that time of the year again where people begin to think about who they need to buy presents for this Christmas or indeed how to treat themselves after a long hard year. Here we pose a new idea, one in which you can invest in established and exciting brands, receive 6-15% APR, whilst also receiving some added rewards that are ideal for Christmas gifts, or presents to yourself.  

The Revenue Loan has been specifically designed for established and exciting businesses which need growth capital to expand. It is specifically beneficial for seasonal businesses, because the company raising the loan are able to pay flexible repayment determined by their turnover for the particular month. This means they are able to focus on the key areas of the business investing the money into manufacturing products and making ready for the months where they are busiest and turnover the most sales in the year. The company, therefore, is able to repay more of the loan in the months where there is readily available cash flow. Ruroc, a leading snow sports brand, is a great example of the type of business you can invest in. Not only are they an exciting brand but their ‘all in one’ patented ski and snowboard helmets worth £250 RRP were offered as a reward to investors that pledged £1000 or more. There were many people who supported this growing company in their crowdfund raise, who are currently receiving a 9% APR return on their investment as well as who have received their helmets and ski goggles, many of which are about to be utilised for the up and coming ski season, or which have been packaged up for Christmas gifts this Christmas 2015.  As an investor you are also part of a campaign which will see great British businesses grow often allowing them to expand internationally, as well as aiding the overall recovery of the local and national economy.

Crowd2Fund has some exciting businesses offering some great rewards on the lead up to Christmas which are well worth reviewing. The Crowd2Fund team are on hand to support and provide any assistance in providing information. Questions can also be put forward to the businesses themselves who are best placed to answer any queries. With any investment there is a risk involved, but the Crowd2Fund risk and due diligence team make sure every campaign listed undergo a rigorous risk review and is suitable for the investors and the Crowd2Fund platform. Each business has to show strong profits and growth and have a sustainable business strategy in place. This is what makes supporting such businesses so exciting. So if you do want to treat yourself, gain an attractive return on your investment, support a Great British Business and be able to receive a quality reward to pass on as a Christmas gift that is likely to ‘wow!’, you know where to look.

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