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Meet Muneeb, our Head of Originations and Co-House Manager

We have something special for our investors this week. We managed to bargain for a few minutes of our Head of Originations and Co-House Manager’s time in order to do a short interview.

12th October 2023

We have something special for our investors this week. We managed to bargain for a few minutes of our Head of Originations and Co-House Manager’s time in order to do a short interview. This is the first part of a new article series we are hoping to run on the website called Meet The Team! These articles will introduce you to our h team and help you understand the people behind Crowd2Fund. Now, let’s learn about Muneeb!

1 - Tell us about your journey before Crowd2Fund? 

It's been a long and exciting one since I first moved to London to work in Fintech. Growing up, finance always seemed shrouded in mystery. It’s something I was keen to change. Being in London put me at the centre of the Fintech evolution. The journey took me through different roles in corporate, early stage fintech start-ups, fintech policy work and working with tech accelerators. Each role provided immense learning and opportunities to contribute. Life works in funny ways sometimes – once I had a goal in mind, the right doors kept opening and here I am.

2 - What excited you about working for Crowd2Fund?

Up until now, I had worked in early-stage start-ups. When you join a company at this stage the impact of your work has a deferred realisation as it takes time to build up the company. Crowd2Fund presented a great opportunity to join an existing business with a great track record. It was an opportunity that allowed me to think outside the box and challenge the status quo, while also learning how a successful business is run. I was getting the best of both worlds, and it was a great decision.

3 - Tell us about a day in the life of you?

I enjoy what I do, so work and its challenges are an exciting part of my day. I love cooking, so there is at least one freshly cooked meal that is part of my day. I read a lot, news, books, articles, papers and so on. There is always so much to learn. I am also a huge cinephile and telephile, so I try to stay caught up the newest programs.

4 - What changes at Crowd2Fund have you already worked on or inspired?

My north star is client experience. In our case, we have two fronts – amazing British businesses looking to grow, and investors looking for new amazing opportunities. We have multiple projects already active on achieving this goal. Ultimately, the happier our clients are, the more we as a team and company prosper. Admittedly, there have been speed bumps, but that is part of the challenge. I try to inspire everyone on the team to align on this north star, to recognize the impact of the hours of work they’re doing. There is now an average at least two new great businesses to invest in every week. We have been aiming to resolve investor queries within a set time frame. Our support team is readily available to answer any questions via email or phone. Our team has grown significantly and we are investing in new tools and technology to ensure we keep delivering an excellent experience for all our users.

5 - Do you have any plans for further development of Crowd2Fund and the team?

Of course – the opportunities are endless, and I am excited about them.

6 - What is your favourite thing about working for Crowd2Fund?

It might sound like a cliché but every day is a new challenge. I also enjoy working with our wonderful team. 

7 - What are your pet peeves?

I am not easily annoyed. But tardiness can be tiring.

8 - Are you a dog person or a cat person?


9 - What’s your last played song on Spotify? 

The Walk Home by Young The Giant – it’s part of their album that talks about the past, present and future of immigrant journeys in W countries. Something I relate to deeply.

10 -  If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

It’s a tough one. Anything my mom makes, or some of my secret recipes. 

11 - Describe Crowd2Fund in one word.

 Justgettingstarted (Does that count as one word?) Growing, if you won’t accept my first answer. 

Well, that was insightful. I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about one of the most crucial members of our team, and we look forward to bringing you more Meet The Team articles in time! 

Thanks for reading, and happy investing.


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