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The Crowd2Fund Community of Green Businesses

Introducing you to some of the Crowd2Fund platform’s most sustainable and environmentally-friendly businesses.

16th November 2021

At Crowd2Fund we’re incredibly proud to support and champion sustainable and environmentally-friendly businesses - with some of our top businesses to date including Silo, Spartan Global Services, Bisol Renewables, and Power on Demand.

Knowing our investor base as well as we do, we thought you’d be interested in learning a little more about some of the companies paving the way for greener businesses.


First off - we’d like to introduce Silo - a zero-waste, green, Michelin Star restaurant with premises in Brighton and Hackney founded by Doug McMaster. 

At Crowd2Fund we helped Silo raise funds on two occasions - first for a coffee roasting machine and then for a bottle-crushing machine that turns glass into sand that is then turned into crockery.

From fixtures to fittings to food, Silo is dedicated to being fully zero waste across the board. They create dishes from ingredients in their entirety, cutting out food miles and ditching over-processing, all while preserving essential nutrients in the process. They churn their own butter, mill their flour in-house and even grow their own mushrooms - serving up some of the most delicious and sustainable dishes out there today. 

Power on Demand

Working with high-profile clients such as Microsoft, the Islington Council and Tillery Valley, Power on Demand work to reduce businesses' carbon emissions by over 21,600 tonnes every year. Powered by Adrian Ladds and his team, the company provides numerous solar-powered services and helps clients plan projects from scratch. They also supply on-the-ground products such as outdoor furniture, bike storage and charging units.

Crowd2Fund has supported Power on Demand with two rounds of fundraising which aided them with growth capital and funds for stock purchase, recruitment, marketing and events.

Tosh Products

Spotlighted by Oprah as a favourite product, Tosh Products create reusable non-GMO cornstarch e-coffee cups. Founded by David and Alison McLagan, Tosh Products are BPA and phthalate-free with a light, thick-like cardboard texture. When their cups are no longer needed, customers can crush the ecoffee cup, soak it in boiling water and simply bury it with compost to start the biodegradation process. They are constantly looking to innovate with new bio-technology as it becomes available. 

Crowd2Fund is proud to have enabled investors to help them raise funds for more inventory.

Bisol Renewables

Specialising in biomass wood chips and boilers, Bisol Renewables, founded by Neil Bundock, provides cost-effective sustainable energy solutions for their customers. They maximise energy potential while helping to protect the environment. They locally source and process energy used in their products. They are BSL Authorised and hold the certification mark for Onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies, plus The Renewable Energy Consumer Code. 

Our incredible investor community was able to help them raise funds to purchase more stock.


Spartan Global Services

Founded by Christian Pattihis, Spartan Global Services specialises in refurbishing second-hand IT hardware mobiles and laptops with a zero-waste policy. They avoid harming the environment by reducing the disposal of toxic battery chemicals and heavy metals. Unusable items are sent to an authorised treatment facility where they are pulled apart and granulated for further use. Approximately, for every 100 PCs or devices they can prolong (a minimum of 2 years) 19000kg of Carbon Dioxide is saved. Over the course of 2020, they were responsible for saving around 3.8m tons of Carbon. 

At Crowd2Fund, we were delighted to help Spartan Global Services in raising funds to aid with the expansion of their e-commerce platform, to hire more staff and to purchase more second-hand software.

Barefoot Conservation

Barefoot Conservation, a Not-For-Profit organisation, seeks to preserve and sustain the Coral Triangle through scientific research and providing aid to the local community of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Working in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, Simon Barden and his team at Barefoot Conservation recognise the huge problem with pollution, primarily plastic. Stuart McDonald (a writer of Southeast Asian Travel guides) suggested the key to solving this problem is education. Using this as a strong foundation in their organisation, Barefoot Conservation provides trips to educate volunteers, whether they be aspiring marine biologists, those with scientific research skills, or those just curious to learn more about the region. Each volunteer participates in helping sustain the Coral Triangle of Indonesia. Volunteers clean up these beautiful oceans while also exploring the underwater world, earn scuba diving qualifications, and gain field skills essential for those pursuing marine biology careers. They also provide renewable energy programs and climate change research. The organisation encourages their volunteers to engage with the islanders through teaching English and educating them on environmental issues.

Crowd2Fund was able to help raise funds for this great cause and enable them to purchase a new boat, paramount to their diving excursions. The funds also helped them expand into the Komodo location. By expanding into this location, Barefoot Conservation was able to take advantage of the fast-growing market and invited our investor community to join them on the Island to see how their money was used.


We’re thrilled to say that the above names represent just a handful of incredible, environmentally-driven businesses we continue to proudly welcome and introduce to Crowd2Fund’s investor community. We’re dedicated to onboarding businesses who hold quality values and embody forward-thinking, planet-friendly ethics - ensuring that all involved in Crowd2Fund are fiscally empowered to contribute to a healthier environment and better future for generations to come.

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