Pioneering with Passion: NEU Hair 4 Men

An interview with the founder, Stuart Mundy, on developing a solution to a sensitive problem.

Pioneering with Passion: NEU Hair 4 Men

25th July 2019

NEU Hair 4 Men provides the solution for men experiencing hair loss with their innovative, non-surgical hair replacement system. Made from ethically sourced human hair, their pieces are designed to discreetly cover the top of the head and have been developed to withstand day-to-day life. NEU Hair 4 Men is stationed in 23 barbers across the country and have been acclaimed by the HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards. 

Having recently completed their first round of funding with Crowd2Fund, they raised just over £27,000 from over 120 investors. We spoke to the director, Stuart Mundy, on how they’re tackling a sensitive problem and pioneering a solution that ignites confidence.

What was your inspiration for starting your enterprise?

I’ve seen many clients come into salons, desperate to find a solution to their hair loss. They’ve spent so much time researching on the internet and invested huge amounts of money hoping that vitamins, products, and medications will work – it can be soul-destroying to watch when these have little to no benefit. I personally have worn a hair system for a number of years, and so realised that within just two hours, skilled hairdressers and barbers can completely transform the lives of many men and bring back their self-confidence.

What steps are you taking to grow your business to the next level? 

We’re continuing to grow our UK salon base and plan to exceed over 100 salons within the next 18 months stocking our unique hair replacement systems. We’re also constantly innovating and are currently developing a new range of hair systems, with one in prototype stage at present. This system will be a first for the UK market, as a self-adhesive system that automatically suctions to the scalp. 

What are some of your proudest achievements so far? 

We’re very proud of how well our company, plus the demand for our service and education, has been received, even during our young life. Of course, our leading product is also a great achievement, along with the development of the UK's only dedicated haircare and styling range designed to accompany the hair systems and support longevity for the wearer. Finally, reaching the finals of the UK British Hairdressing Business Awards 2018 for Innovation was a huge milestone for us.

What do you see in the future for your business and industry?

The future holds massive growth potential as male hair loss is a huge issue and mental health in men is becoming more recognised. We’ll continue to do our bit and help develop our network of systems, making them more accessible throughout the UK as we expand. We want male hair loss to be widely talked about and give men the confidence they need to take proactive steps. 

Why did you choose crowdfunding? How did it benefit your business? 

We chose crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional bank funding – we honestly didn't know too much about it, but Crowd2Fund were very helpful and guided us through the process. It was a seamless transaction, from being listed on the platform through to receiving the funds. The amount raised from investors will be used to add further stock of our products, plus to invest further in the marketing and development of future products.

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