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Tackling the Housing Crisis: An Interview with Berdencia

19th June 2024


In this episode of PITCH ME IN 60 SECONDS, we spoke with Berdencia, Director of Phoenix Social Enterprise. In the video above, she explains why investors should trust their business and how the company generates revenue.

Discover more below in the full interview as she discusses the urgent housing issues in Bristol and her organisation's strategic approach to addressing them. With a professional history spanning 27 years, Berdencia's team is poised to make a significant impact on the local community. 

Let's dive in...

Crowd2Fund: What problem is your business solving?

Berdencia: The problem we are tackling is the housing shortage, specifically the need for affordable housing and the rise in homelessness. For instance, the housing stock in Bristol has plummeted by nearly 4,000 this year alone. There are 20,000 people on the housing waiting list, and homelessness has surged by 16%, making Bristol the third worst city for homelessness in the UK.

Crowd2Fund: What is your specific solution?

Berdencia: Our solution is to build affordable homes. We have acquired a building on a quarter-acre of land in central Bristol, which we plan to develop into 23 one and two-bedroom apartments. We are currently preparing a set of drawings to submit for pre-planning advice.

Crowd2Fund: How do you make money as a business?

Berdencia: We have five main income streams:

  1. Employment, Education, and Training (EET) programmes, which are funded.
  2. Commissioned research on social issues for public institutions.
  3. Renting office space.
  4. Hiring out our conference facilities and meeting rooms.
  5. Hiring our premises for both indoor and outdoor events.

Crowd2Fund: Why should an investor trust you with their money?

Berdencia: We have been operational for 27 years, which speaks to our stability and experience. Our professional team works with investors, support services, government bodies, businesses, individuals, and communities. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, transparent, competent in our work, and consistent in our dealings with others.

Crowd2Fund: Thank you very much, Berdencia. 

Berdencia: Likewise, it's good to put a face to a name.

We hope you found this glimpse into Phoenix Social Enterprise enjoyable. What questions would you like to ask entrepreneurs? Email us your suggestions:

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