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IFISA season has arrived, what does that mean?

20th February 2023

Simply put, an IFISA allows investors to invest up to £20,000 per tax year and earn tax-free. Whether you are interested in becoming an investor or you’re looking to grow your business, it’s a great time to get in contact.  Unlike traditional financing, crowdfunding introduces entrepreneurs to new prospective loyal customers, it's a great marketing tool, and it's an opportunity to build long-term relationships with a team that cares, that's us.

To date, we’ve helped fund over 700 entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. We’ve seen many clients return and expand year-on-year. By offering great benefits to repeat businesses, we are able to form long-lasting relationships and support entrepreneurs on their journey to greater success. We've even seen entrepreneurs become investors because they understand how our services help businesses grow and investors see returns.

So, how exactly does it work? A priority for us is to keep our default rate as low as possible for our investors. We do this for two reasons: to protect investors from losing their investment and to keep investing through Crowd2Fund attractive to both new and existing investors. Along with our overall due diligence on each business, we conduct a credit risk review. When conducting credit risk and due diligence, we concentrate on five areas. These include assessments of financial affordability and background checks. The applicant then goes through a pre-screening process that includes the following basic criteria:

  • The company must be LTD or LLP
  • Director should have a UK address
  • Director should have been director for at least 1 year

The applicant also provides Crowd2Fund with filed accounts, management accounts, and a minimum of three months of bank statements. This allows Crowd2Fund to assess the company's financial stability and, more importantly, its ability to take on lending.

We want to hear from you. So, let’s grow. Contact to see if you’re eligible. To start investing download our app or email 

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