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26th February 2021

At Crowd2Fund, entrepreneurs and their success are at the core of our business. Not only do we want to enable as many exciting and innovative businesses to raise funds, but we love to see them achieve so much more. Silo is one of those businesses, who have recently been recognised for the success of their zero-waste restaurant concept.

Doug McMaster, founder of Silo 
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We are so proud to learn that Doug McMaster and his team have recently won a Michelin green star for 'sustainable gastronomy'. 

Doug’s love, passion and dedication for a greener planet led him to launch the world’s first zero-waste restaurant in Brighton, UK. Since then, he’s developed the business further and now has a site in Hackney, London.  

Sustainable Equipment
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With sustainability playing a pivotal role, it extends to every corner of the business from its food production and sourcing, to the restaurant fixtures and fittings. The furniture for example is all up-cycled rather than recycled. When it comes to the food, they create everything from its whole form, cutting out food miles and over-processing, whilst preserving nutrients and the integrity of the ingredients in the process. They also produce some of their ingredients in-house, such as milling their own flour, churning butter, and even growing their own mushrooms.

Silo food
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At Crowd2Fund, we have helped Doug raise funds twice. Once to develop a coffee roasting system to help achieve a zero-carbon delivery process (raising £8k above his target), and then a second time to raise funds to purchase a bottle-crushing machine that turns glass back into sand. That sand is then, in turn, used to create crockery that you see in their restaurant. 

Silo is the embodiment of a successful zero-waste business and an example of an alternative restaurant model that can contribute to a brighter future for us all.

 It has been a pleasure to have worked with Doug and to see his success recognised with such a big accolade.

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