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Celebrating Ning Cheah, founder of The Beauty Crop, and her journey

6th July 2022

Ning Cheah, Founder, The Beauty Crop

Today we celebrate Ning Cheah, founder of The Beauty Crop, a clean beauty brand offering makeup and skincare, enriched with plant-based superfoods. Ning raised over £175k through Crowd2Fund. We wanted to shine a spotlight on her success, read her journey below: 

What was your original vision when starting The Beauty Crop?

I originally trained as a chemical engineer and then embarked on a 15-year career in the finance industry. The stressful lifestyle took a toll on my skin and my emotional well-being. I started looking into better skincare formulations and decided there was a gap in the market for clean, high-performing color cosmetics in the affordable price range. The vision for The Beauty Crop is to create a better-for-you beauty brand where we crop out carcinogens, single use plastic, animal testing, misogyny, and unethical sourcing.

How has the importance of sustainability impacted your development as a business?

We acknowledge that the beauty industry is one of the world’s biggest contributors to plastic packaging, most of which is not recyclable and ends up in our planet’s landfills or oceans. Our mission at The Beauty Crop is to make a change for good. We are committed to using earth friendly packaging that isrecycled and fully recyclable - like Ocean Waste Plastic, upcycled sugarcane polyethylene, and glass. 

I hope that we can elevate the beauty industry to a better place by challenging it with better formulas, incorporating nutritious ingredients while replacing questionable ones, and also by challenging the industry to do better when it comes to sustainability, choice of packaging, and recyclability of components.

What drove you to work with Crowd2Fund?

I was attracted to the fact that I am able to raise debt funding from a community of like-minded investors who believed in the vision of the business.

How did the investment from Crowd2Fund impact your business?

It has been invaluable for us to be able to invest in inventory to prepare for the busy holiday and Black Friday period. Because we were able to invest in best-selling SKUs, we have already seen a 480% of actual growth in our website sales since the start of the year.

From Crowd2Fund, we would like to congratulate Ning and thank all of our investors. Being able to connect entrepreneurs with like-minded investors is a joy. For more opportunities click here. 




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