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Crowd2Fund crowned
‘Most Innovative P2P Platform'

Innovation and compliance have been at the heart of our platform since day one.

20th January 2021

We are incredibly proud to have won the ‘Most innovative P2P platform’ award for 2021 from MoneyNet. Our team has worked extremely hard to achieve the very best during 2020 considering the circumstances, focusing on technology and innovation. We have always had a clear understanding of how critical innovation is for our business, and we have continued to enhance and expand our platform capability for our users.

Having technology at the core of our platform helps us to compete effectively by offering new and innovative capabilities. Good technology also improves operational and compliance procedures, due to a need to follow strict processes, coupled with the simple belief that good innovation allows us to deliver new and improved financial products for our users

Using an interactive and collaborative approach with our customers, as well as leveraging user-centric design methodologies - the platform is designed to cater to the needs of our users above anything else. A user-centered approach allows us to also deliver a best-in-class user experience for both investors and businesses.

Platform features 

With innovation as a philosophy, we have strived to deliver groundbreaking financial services over the years. Our iOS app is very popular with many users, and we also offer great features such as our Exchange and Smart-Invest – an automated investing product. We thrive from creating and innovating and will continue to develop and craft features to deliver the best capability for our users.

In such a competitive global marketplace, Crowd2Fund competes by embracing automation to deliver high performance with reduced operational overhead. Transparency is key in financial services and we believe the platform becomes partially self-regulating because of this. One example of transparency is the ability for users to review and choose the different small businesses they want to invest in. We also publish every transaction on the platform automatically within the investing feed to give our community visibility on platform activity. 

The speed of the platform and cybersecurity are also important elements that are critical for good user experience and smooth operations.

New features

As described within our Reboot Britain plan, we are going to continue to deliver high-performance technology with a global reach that enables real change to people's lives around the world. We aim to have Crowd2Fund as the first decentralised financial service company to offer a banking capability similar to a mainstream bank. We are particularly excited about the ability to offer payment cards and to operate your Crowd2Fund account in a similar way to your normal everyday bank account, with bank account numbers and sort codes.

We believe that by leveraging our Smart-Invest technology, we can deliver higher rates of returns than a normal bank account, and when this is coupled with our Exchange, it can also provide an element of liquidity to investments allowing these investments to behave slightly more like a deposit account - even though they are an investment with associated risk. We are targeting a 4.00% return on this type of Smart-Invest investment - investors will be taking some risk, unlike a bank account that is protected by the Financial Service Compensation Scheme or (FSCS).

Finance for all 

What is exciting about our latest business plan is the potential impact globally. We think most of the world's population is underserved from a financial service perspective with hundreds of millions of people still unable to open a basic bank account, let alone access investment for their business. This is where we hope Crowd2Fund will step in, by delivering the financial infrastructure that we think should be a basic human right, along with access to the internet and a smartphone.

Compliance is also critical to delivering this, however, with the FinTech movement over the past few years, we think governments are becoming organised and started to develop operating models such as the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN) and FinTech bridge programmes, which we hope will drive regulatory compatibility internationally. 

We're incredibly humbled to have recently won this award, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team and the Crowd2Fund community. Thank you for being a part of this journey. This is just the beginning and we will continue to build new features, more streamlined business processes, automation and AI for our community. We think this all helps to drive prosperity for economies around the world.

FinTech is a very exciting sector with a lot happening and at Crowd2Fund we will continue to be bold and embrace the once in a generation opportunity and continue to help reform the Financial Service sector through delivering great financial innovation in a compliant way.

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