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Welcome to IFISA Season 2024

2nd February 2024

As the tax year draws to a close, the financial industry prepares for ISA season. At Crowd2Fund, this is our cue to assist you with your Crowd2Fund IFISA. In the upcoming months, we'll be publishing a series of articles that aim to help you get a head start and optimize your investments for maximum profits.

To kick things off, let's address a fundamental question: What makes investing in an IFISA with Crowd2Fund worthwhile? 

Numerous reasons support this choice, and we'll explore a few of them here:

1. Tax Advantages- One of the primary draws of investing in IFISAs is the tax exemption provided for interest earnings. Investors can enjoy tax-free interest and capital gains, allowing them to keep more of their returns and enhance the overall profitability of their investment portfolio. With Crowd2Fund, you can enjoy investments with interest rates of 6-18%.

2. Diverse Investment Opportunities- With Crowd2Fund, you have full control over where you invest your money. You choose the businesses you want to back. Crowd2Fund has worked with many varied British businesses, from legal firms to family-owned restaurants to a company selling hygienic fly-disposal units. 

3. Secondary Market- Crowd2Fund has an internal secondary market called The Exchange. Here you can list your investments for other investors to buy, or you can purchase other investors’ investments. This allows you to further diversify your portfolio, and the opportunity to buy investments in businesses that you didn’t manage to invest in initially.

4. Smart Invest- Here at Crowd2Fund, we believe in the power of technology and automation. As a result, our platform has an integrated auto-invest system that you can enable at any time. Just set your parameters and investment amount, and let the system do the rest. You can keep expanding your portfolio without lifting a finger.

5. Backing British Business - Crowd2Fund exclusively works with British businesses. By investing with Crowd2Fund, you can help build Britain's economy and give British entrepreneurs the opportunity to succeed, whilst you earn tax-free if you’ve subscribed.  

Note: Across all of your ISA investments, you may invest no more than £20,000 each tax year. The British tax year ends on the 5th of April, meaning that you have until then to use up your ISA allowance before it resets. 

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Tax treatment of any of the investment offers will depend on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in the future.



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