Don’t invest unless you're prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

How the IFISA Works

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At Crowd2Fund, we want to make sure that every investor is taking advantage of all the benefits of investing with the Crowd2Fund platform. The Innovative Finance ISA or IFISA is one such product that leverages your annual ISA allowance, and can be accessed easily via the Crowd2Fund platform. Below we’ve created a series of videos to explain how it works and how to get started.

What is the Crowd2Fund IFISA

Have you ever heard about the Innovative Finance ISA or IFISA? You can earn tax-free returns on up to £20,000 investment per year. Just like other ISAs. What's the difference?


You'll invest through the peer-to-peer lending market with the Crowd2Fund IFISA you'll be investing in the future of great British businesses. And without the usual middlemen you could see returns between 6 percent and 18 percent before fees and bad debt, potentially earning higher returns than your high street bank. Investing in Crowd2Fund is investing in success. For direct access to established businesses you choose who to invest in and you'll see them grow. You are always in control of your investments giving you the flexibility to build a diverse portfolio based on your own interests and risk appetite, supported by our due diligence. So what's our goal? It's simple enrich your investing experience and give you the control.

How the Crowd2Fund IFISA Works

The innovative finance ISA or IFISA is a new type of ISA for the peer-to-peer lending market.


In the year running from the 6th of April you can save up to twenty thousand pounds and all of your earnings will be tax-free. The Crowd2Fund IFISA puts you in control and allows you to lend your tax-free ISA allowance to exciting British businesses at an agreed interest rate between 6 and 18 percent before fees and bad debt. This is far higher than a traditional cash ISA. Please bear in mind your capital is at risk so it's important to build a diversified portfolio by investing in many businesses in multiple sectors to reduce your risk. For more information while getting set up or transferring your old ISA.

The Crowd2Fund IFISA is Flexible

The Crowd2Fund IFISA is flexible. Any funds withdrawn from your account can be replaced without contributing further to your annual ISA allowance, as long as this is done within the same tax year.


For example if an investor has an account with a balance of £50,000 and they temporarily need to access their capital they can do this. A flexible ISA allows them to withdraw up to the £50,000 and pay it back in at any time within that financial year without it being considered new money. Even though investors can withdraw throughout the year it is sensible to stay fully invested so you can maximize your potential earnings.

Transferring your old ISA is easy

Transferring your old ISA to Crowd2Fund's IFISA is quick and easy and it won't affect your annual ISA allowance.


All you have to do is complete the ISA transfer authority form linked below, return it to us and we'll do the rest. This process should take no longer than 15 working days. Before you do this, check with your existing ISA provider to see if there are any rules or restrictions.

Maximise your ISA Annual Allowance

Recent investor listings The IFISA is one of a number of different types of ISA that you can choose from.


You can split your £20,000 ISA allowance between the IFISA, a cash ISA, a stocks and shares ISA, a lifetime ISA, and a help to buy ISA. When investing in the Crowd2Fund IFISA any earnings you make will also be contained within the ISA wrapper. This means you can reinvest your repayments without affecting your annual ISA allowance enabling you to earn interest on your interest. You can also continue to invest over the ISA allowance with Crowd2Fund but any earnings from non-ISA investments will need to be declared to HMRC.

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