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Discovering Finance: Insights from an Internship

An interview with summer intern, Daniel Martirosyan

25th September 2023

In this article, we introduce you to Daniel Martirosyan, a student at University College London pursuing a degree in Economics and Business with East European Studies. During the summer of 2023, Daniel undertook an internship at Crowd2Fund, where he had the opportunity to gain practical experience in the world of finance and business. Read on to discover Daniel's internship journey, the skills he acquired, and the impact it had on his academic and professional development.

1. Were there any skills you developed or improved that you didn't expect to when you started?

Absolutely! While I expected to learn a great deal during my internship, I was pleasantly surprised by the skills I honed along the way. Multitasking, for instance, became second nature as I adeptly juggled multiple tasks and deadlines. Additionally, I found my patience and composure growing stronger in the face of unexpected challenges. The ability to remain quick and efficient under pressure was another skill that saw remarkable growth.

2. How did you deal with situations which were outside of your comfort zone?

During my internship, I cultivated a strong sense of adaptability that became my most valuable asset when confronted with situations outside of my comfort zone. In the face of unexpected challenges and deviations from the original plan, I honed my ability to swiftly navigate within a dynamic and rapidly changing work environment. This experience not only bolstered my problem-solving skills but also taught me to remain composed and resourceful when confronted with unfamiliar territory.

3. How would you describe your relationships with your colleagues and teammates?

Working with the team was a fantastic experience. Everyone’s mindset was inclined towards collaboration and constant development. We built ideas together, and I found my colleagues to be incredibly helpful and friendly. I was fortunate to have mentors who guided me along the way, making the journey even more enjoyable.

4. How did you approach solving a problem for which you didn't have a straightforward solution?

When faced with a problem lacking a clear solution, I took a two-pronged approach. First, I looked at historical solutions to similar issues, hoping to find answers or inspiration. Then, I engaged in critical thinking to determine if those solutions were applicable to my specific case. Finally, as a last resort, I wasn't afraid to seek guidance from more experienced colleagues. Teamwork was the secret sauce here.

5. Is there a piece of advice or lesson that you'll carry with you from this experience?

One of the most profound lessons I learned is that running a smaller firm is far more complex than it appears. The other valuable lesson was the importance of consistency, especially in the finance industry. These insights will undoubtedly shape my future endeavours.

6. How do you envision this internship contributing to your long-term career goals?

This internship has provided me with a unique perspective on both small and large firm environments, equipping me with a holistic understanding of how businesses grow and thrive. Instead of just focusing on small, short-term goals, I'm now looking at the bigger picture, thanks to the exposure to various departments and roles.

7. How did the company's work culture align with your expectations? Did you find it conducive to your growth and learning?

The company's work culture exceeded my expectations. I had the chance to work on complex projects, which was not what I initially anticipated as an intern. This culture of challenging work was instrumental in my growth and learning. I had the chance to work on different projects across various departments, ensuring that my experience never became monotonous and that I was consistently learning something new.

8. Are there any specific moments or interactions that you'll remember from your time here?

Some of the most memorable moments were when senior members of the company generously took time out to talk to me and share their insights- not necessarily about our work at Crowd2Fund but also beyond in that they were truly interested in what I had to say and my career aspirations. These interactions were eye-opening and played a significant role in shaping my career aspirations.

9. Did you find alignment between your personal values and the company's values? How did this affect your experience?

I felt a deep connection with the company's values. The emphasis on loyalty and the overall company culture resonated with me. This alignment made my experience feel personal and rewarding.

10. If you were to offer advice to future interns joining our company, what would you tell them to make the most of their experience?

To future interns, I'd say, "Don't wait for work to come to you; actively seek it out." Working in a smaller team can provide a wider range of experiences, and don't hesitate to explore different departments – that's where you'll truly grow.

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