Don’t invest unless you're prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

the challenge

It’s still too challenging for entrepreneurs to scale up and grow - at a time when more than ever we need to support entrepreneurial growth. There’s insufficient risk capital and no clear framework to help businesses grow. This, coupled with investors generating very low returns from bank accounts and lack of investor choice presents a clear challenge.

Crowd2Fund leverages financial technology to provide investment capital from a community of engaged entrepreneurial investors who can also support the businesses growth over the longer term and help them thrive. At the same time allowing investors to be repaid directly, can potentially lead to much better tax-free returns.

Crowd2Fund is an investment platform for private businesses and investors.

We offer a scalable, proven solution:

Businesses can raise money directly from investors, through the internet, without the need for a bank, and investors can invest in proven businesses the same way.

Businesses get access to funds at competitive rates, investors get repaid directly, and potentially higher returns are generated as a result.

How it works

Step 1

Businesses who need funding submit a business proposal to Crowd2Fund.

Step 2

Our Risk & Due Diligence team reviews the proposal against our strict acceptance criteria.

Step 3

Successful businesses are listed and investors pledge the amount they want to invest.

We're led by experts in finance, technology and marketing who will help your business grow.
We're a committed team of highly experienced individuals, who understand business and the challenges of growing a small business.

Meet the team

Hussain Qaragholi
Executive Director
Tim Hand
Chelsea Macleod
House Manager
Ashish Verma
Director of Tech Ops
Marilena Beliciu
Senior Front-End Engineer
Rupert Mindelsohn
Credit Consultant
Hootan Odabaei
Senior Project Manager

Board of Directors

Hussain Qaragholi
Executive Director
Asoz Rashid
Mahmood Yusuf

Our Advisors

Katherine Atkin
Michael Fischer
Russell Tolley
Originations Consultant

Why Crowd2Fund?

FCA regulated

Crowd2Fund was one of the first platforms of its kind to be directly regulated. We work with the FCA to offer our clients better service, build trust, and deliver robust processes.

Fast, fair & flexible

Whether you're a business or investor, Crowd2Fund allows you to tailor your finance options to suit your investment needs.

Due diligence

We carefully select all our investments, ensuring the best investor returns and rates for businesses.

We serve passionate entrepreneurs - and we're extremely proud of what they have achieved.

"Cardiff Marine Service raised £752,000 from more than 1000 investors, which would not be possible via high street banks, to help develop services across coastal Wales"

Risk warning

Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Your capital invested is not covered for compensation in the event of a loss by the FSCS. Tax treatment will depend on the individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Please see our Risk section before making an investment decision.