Confidence in SMEs reach a new high

UK's small businesses have had a knock in confidence for a long time but it appears this perception has changed. Right now their confidence is at an all time high. According to the Small Business Index the SME confidence has reached a balance of +41 points in the third of this quarter - the first time confidence has hit this level. The outlook for the upcoming months looks promising. The research marks the seventh consecutive month that UK SMEs have been positive about the future. Consequently, just over 60% of those surveyed from the Federation of Small Businesses announced that they expect their business to grow over the next 12 months. Forecasted turnovers are also expected to increase with a third of businesses anticipating a sufficient increase in their turnovers. (Reference:

The North East of England has shown the greatest increase in SMEs confidence ranking from last year’s disheartening -7 to this year’s confidence score of +44 (reference: The increasing confidence of SMEs has supported their need for growth, particularly in terms of recruiting which is on the rise. This rise is mainly for the reason of the surge of entrepreneurial flare from the next generation of graduates which require experience in a small business to be exposed to knowledge from present successful entrepreneurs themselves.

The future for SMEs will continue to grow as long as businesses keep their costs down and manage their cash flow problems. If you’re a business and amongst those who are confident about the future, visit to find out more about helping your business grow even further with some financial help. If you’re interested in helping some SMEs progress whilst being part of it, register on to our site and see the opportunities available on

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