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How to create an elevator pitch that gets you noticed

21st September 2022

What is it and why is it essential? The elevator pitch is what you and your team tell people about your company. It's called an elevator pitch because you’re supposed to be able to explain your company in the time someone spends in an elevator.  If your pitch isn’t polished and succinct, you could lose out on potential investors, customers, partners and being remembered.

The mistake most people make when pitching is that they usually turn to a solution focused elevator pitch. But, because a million and one business owners are telling everyone about their business, no one really listens. The problem is that most elevator pitches don’t contextualise why their business is of value. 

Here’s how you and your team can create an exciting elevator pitch that gets people leaning in to learn more, using a simple template created by the entrepreneur, Ash Maurya.

A final point before you keep scrolling to the template below. Consider this. An elevator pitch is how employees explain your business to people they meet. It’s not only you.

That’s thousands of interactions. 

Do this well and it could be your greatest marketing tool.

So, here you go…


Straight from his website below:

When [customers] encounter a [triggering event],

they need to do [job-to-be-done] in order to achieve [desired outcome]. They would normally use [existing alternatives],

but because of [switching trigger] these [existing alternatives] no longer work because of [these problems]. If these problems are left unaddressed, then [what’s at stake]. 

So we built a [solution] that helps [customers] achieve [desired outcome] by helping them [unique value proposition].



When office workers get the late afternoon munchies and need to have a snack to keep them energised for the rest of the day.

Normally, they grab a chocolate, but because of the recent explosion in health awareness, it’s no longer the best solution.

Having chocolates as snacks stops office workers from reaching their health goals and ultimately ends up with them being tired and sick more often.

If we don’t create a better alternative, we’ll always have people struggling with health and have a more demotivated workforce.

So we created healthbar. A chocolate bar that helps office workers stay energised into their afternoons without compromising their health.



If you’re keen for us to help you with your elevator pitch (or positioning) - contact us.


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