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So, why should investors trust you?

18th June 2024



Introducing "Pitch Me in 60 Seconds" – the ultimate series for the busy investor. Each episode is a quick, engaging snapshot that puts a face to the brands you're considering for your portfolio.

Click the video above to watch our latest episode, where we have an insightful conversation with Enda Gerard McShane, Director of Velocity Worldwide Retail. This leading retail marketing and technology agency collaborates with major retail destinations, driving innovation and growth. Get the inside scoop, fast. Read the full interview below. 

CROWD2FUND: Enda, can you tell us about the problem your business is solving in the retail sector?

Enda McShane: Absolutely. The core issue we're addressing is personalisation. When shoppers arrive at a retail destination, there's often no system in place to recognise who they are. Online, you create a profile and enter your details before shopping. In contrast, you can walk into any store or shopping centre, make a purchase, and remain completely anonymous to the retailer.

CROWD2FUND: How does your platform address this issue?

Enda McShane: We've developed a technology platform called Darius, a real-time customer engagement system. It allows us to build a profile of a shopper who opts in. Once we have this profile, we can personalise the shopping experience both online and offline. The journey might start with online marketing and continue at a physical location, where Darius integrates with Wi-Fi, digital signage, point of sale, AI cameras, and even ANPR in car parks to detect when a customer is on site. This way, we can deliver targeted content and offers in real time.

CROWD2FUND: That sounds innovative. Can you tell us more about Darius and its capabilities?

Enda McShane: Darius is a mature platform we've implemented in numerous shopping centres and retailers. We faced challenges when infrastructure wasn't up to par, so we developed a lighter version called Shopper Perks, the UK's first chameleon app. Shopper Perks adapts its branding and content based on geofencing. When a shopper enters a location like Bluewater, the app changes to display relevant content and offers for that location. This ensures a seamless and personalised experience across multiple locations.

CROWD2FUND: How do you plan to scale this solution?

Enda McShane: We aim to roll out Shopper Perks across the UK. After successful tests, we're launching a major pilot with a regional visitor board in Southern England. The app provides a single application that changes content based on location, offering personalised information and deals. Additionally, we emphasise environmental responsibility, allowing users to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees or reducing plastic waste through the app.

CROWD2FUND: That's impressive. How does your business generate revenue?

Enda McShane: We have multiple revenue streams. Darius operates on a licensing model with three-year contracts for shopping centres, alongside a managed service where our team runs the software for clients. Shopper Perks, targeting town centres and business improvement districts, involves a small license fee from the customer and an annual fee from merchants. Though the fee might seem modest, the potential volume of merchants can generate significant revenue.

CROWD2FUND: Why should investors trust your business with their money?

Enda McShane: We've been in business for 24 years, with a strong track record of innovation and a solid ethical foundation. Our revenue model is robust, featuring recurring income from long-term contracts. This provides a stable financial base, which is attractive to investors. Additionally, our diversified revenue from our agency business and one-off events adds to our financial strength.

CROWD2FUND: Thank you, Enda. That was very informative. 

Enda McShane: Thank you. It was great speaking with you. Take care.

We hope you found this glimpse into Velocity Worldwide Retail insightful and enjoyable. What questions would you like to ask entrepreneurs? Email us your suggestions:

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