• Why innovative brands should harness crowdfunding to engage customers

    Crowdfunding is not just about money for startups and crazy projects. Now much more sophisticated financial products are available that suit larger, well established companies. Established brands are more and more turning to crowdfunding not because of a financial need but because it allows them to engage their customers in a way like never before.

  • The Summer Budget: Encouraging News For P2P Platforms But Investors Must Become More Savvy

    During this week's Emergency Summer Budget, Chancellor George Osborne announced a series of changes effecting businesses and investors. The measures should be viewed as mainly positive due to them encouraging investment into wealth generating businesses, at the expense of buy to let property.

  • £millions up for grabs for small business

    To show just how healthy the funding market is when it comes to small businesses accessing capital, Enterprise Nation is putting on an event 'Show me the money!” where over 20 funders will showcase their offer.

  • What is P2P? Crowdfunding? Marketplace Lending?

    With all the opportunities in crowdfunding these days, it can be interesting and rewarding to understand how peer-to-peer loans and investments work. There are a number of different models, but they revolve around the concept of using the internet to link people who have money to people in need of money.

  • Part 2/2: Why Marketplace Investing Could Improve Your Overall Returns

    No well-informed advisor would suggest placing 100% of your investable cash into marketplace investments, however including these types of investments in a wider portfolio can be a powerful way to improve overall returns. There are a range of reasons why both equity and debt crowdfunding investments have a place in every healthy portfolio:

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