Opportunities that are flagged 'Property investments' are secured loans against a property. This gives investors the opportunity to invest in relatively lower risk opportunities.

The interest rate is lower on these investments, between 6% and 8%. A 'Charge' is taken against a specific asset, such as a director's home or commercial property. If the loan defaults then these assets may be seized and resold to repay investors.

Benefits of property secured loans

Secured against a property
Secured against a property
Lower risk than non secured loans
Lower risk than non secured loans
Earn from 6% to 8% interest rate
Earn from 6% to 8% interest rate
Receive monthly repayments
Receive monthly repayments
Simple & transparent structure
Simple & transparent structure
Access your capital by selling to others
Access your capital by selling to others on the Exchange

Why should I invest in low risk, property secured loans?

Property backed investment involves risk as well as potential rewards. If you’re looking for low risk investment you may consider this investment type. But remember, your capital is still at risk and may not be recovered.

If the loan defaults the asset can be taken and sold to repay investors. Hence, property finance offers better security, as there is a tangible asset, compared to unsecured loans that may just offer a director guarantee.

The main risk is retaining the valuation and ability to sell the property. Property secured finance is clearly labeled on the campaign page.

We conduct a strict due diligence check on businesses in order to manage risk and ensure that all investment opportunities listed on the platform will provide the best potential returns to investors.

When the loan is completed there is 100% loan to asset value on the property along with a suitable charge on the asset securing the loan.

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You are able to set up a new ISA or transfer your old ISA with Crowd2Fund. You just need to register and add your national insurance number and if you’re transferring your old ISA complete the 'Transfer ISA' form. When we receive your form we’ll manage the transfer process. To add new funds to your IFISA simply subscribe them to your Crowd2Fund wallet.
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Maximise your returns with the IFISA

Our Property deals are IFISA eligible. That means you can include your investment within your 2019/2020 allowance and invest up to £20,000 tax free, before fees and bad debt, with the Crowd2Fund IFISA.

You can transfer previous ISAs and choose to invest part or all of this allowance during the current financial year.

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HMCR - Regulated IFISA platform
Regulated IFISA platform
Diversified portfolio


Even though interest rates are lower with property secured investments all investors should build a balanced and diversified portfolio in order to help manage risk.

Repayments on a monthly basis


Repayments are made on a monthly basis back to your Crowd2Fund wallet. You can follow and manage your investment from your investment dashboard.

Free to register and small fees


It's free to register and the only fee we collect is 1% of the value of the repayments after a repayment is made. You can understand more about our APR here.

Risk warning

Investments like these involve risks including loss of capital. Please see our risk section before making an investment decision