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Capital at risk
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We promote a pre-industrial food system that generates zero material waste, celebrating whole pure foods born from clean farming.

Going beyond recycling

Silo is borne out of a desire to progress the food industry through being both ethical and productive. We ultimately want to create change, growing the concept in more places; inspiring, demonstrating and feeding as many people as possible. We are seeking further investment to achieve a zero carbon delivery system, sourcing non-native products such as green coffee beans, red wine & cacao sailed in with only the wind as energy.

We believe that the world is waking up to the reality of sustainable issues with waste leading the way as one of the biggest topics of recent years. We also believe that consumer trends mean that people are now more interested in how their food reaches their plates, and the carbon footprint associated with it.
By offering a unique dining experience we believe that Silo is exactly what is needed to promote awareness in this aspect. In addition, we believe that there is a profitable untapped market which we can exploit with our concept.


Equity - product type
£ 40k
£ 48k
Est close date

Where will the funds go?

General restaurant expansion and coffee system

Key people

Douglas McMaster
Owner & Head Chef at Silo
Mark Ciavola
Owner at Potters Thumb

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Business brand

Brighton, UK

"Going beyond recycling"

Business stage
9 years, 8 months
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