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Diversification is critical and the Exchange allows you to diversify your portfolio easily and quickly. We are thrilled to offer this unique functionality to the Crowd2Fund community.

We've created a free market dynamic, where investors can access their funds and trade loans for profit or loss. Importantly, it also introduces a much-valued social element to the platform - linking a community of supportive investors to entrepreneurs. This positive public service aspect enhances investor appetite for engaging with the platform.

The Exchange is a secondary marketplace and not a Recognised Investment Exchange and as such liquidity is not guaranteed.

Given the significant market disruption of the COVID-19 crisis, we have temporarily paused investments on the Exchange while we implement multiple improvements. During this time, we cannot confirm that the price on loans offered represents the level of risk fairly.

In the meantime, investors will continue to receive repayments and be able to access their account funds as usual. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope to be back up and running soon.

How it works

The Exchange is a marketplace which allows investors to trade their Crowd2Fund investments, giving sellers flexible access to their capital and offering loans for buyers.

The Exchange also allows you to lend your capital into loans that are already repaying. You can see the track record of the repayments, diversify your portfolio and make a profit or loss from your transactions.


We’ve made it simple for you to list your sale on The Exchange. Eligible investments will be highlighted in your Portfolio.

You decide the sale price for the investment. Offering a higher interest rate may encourage a quicker sale, allowing you to access your capital sooner.


All current opportunities are listed on The Exchange. Please note, these may offer a higher rate of interest than the original investment; this is due to the sale price of the loan and is not necessarily reflective of its level of risk.

Purchasing an investment will simply transfer ownership into your portfolio.

When purchasing an investment on the exchange you are buying the Sale Price and equivalent APR. The business keeps paying the original APR.

Please see the example below

Original Investment, i.e. Original APR:

£250   |   APR 9%   |   4 years

Received 1 repayment of £6.22, of which £1.87 is Interest and £4.35 is Capital

Outstanding Capital is £245.65.

Interest to be earned over the remaining 47 months is £46.75

Investor chooses to sell at APR 8.5%, i.e. Offered APR:

£245.65   |   APR 8.5%   |   47 months

Interest to be earned over the remaining 47 months is £44.02

Sale Price at 8.5%:

Difference between remaining interest of Original and Offered APR:

£46.75 − £44.02 = £2.73

Capital outstanding + Difference in Interest: £245.65 + £2.73 = £248.38

The sale price of this investment at 8.5% is therefore £248.38

Quick Calculation

Total repay − of which is interest = Capital outstanding (on the original investment)

Sale Price − Capital Outstanding = Interest Difference between Original and Offered APR

This difference in interest is the profit/loss that the buyer is earning by selling their investment at a lower or higher APR than the original.

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Latest opportunities

Loanloan 22nd Apr 20
Total repayment £81.52
Interest £-11.10
Original APR 15.0%
Offered APR 12.0%
Remaining repayments 5 months
Successful repayments 26 x £3.88
Equifax score 9 / 100
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Loanloan 22nd Apr 20
Total repayment £38.77
Interest £-8.84
Original APR 12.0%
Offered APR 13.0%
Remaining repayments -2 months
Successful repayments 32 x £3.86
Equifax score 14 / 100
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Loanloan 22nd Apr 20
Total repayment £6.36
Interest £0.10
Original APR 11.0%
Offered APR 11.0%
Remaining repayments 10 months
Successful repayments 14 x £0.46
Equifax score 90 / 100
More information

Risk warning

Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Your capital invested is not covered for compensation in the event of a loss by the FSCS. Tax treatment will depend on the individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Please see our Risk section before making an investment decision.