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Inspired by life’s pleasures with a love of family and a passion for friendship, Rob and Dale, founders of Wine & Something have created a selection of wine for each occasion. To name a few, new friendships, weddings, Christmas, romantic evenings, and for all seasons throughout the year. Each drink has been handcrafted to bring excitement to every doorstep in one’s life. Wine & Something is continually growing and so is the demand. The funds raised for this campaign will go towards stock purchase.

Your Moments, Our Wines, Pure Magic

Our company was founded by Rob and Dale, two men wildly passionate about bringing the finest wine to our customer’s doorstep for every occasion and moment. All while of course at an affordable rate. Their passion stems from life’s simplest pleasures, such as a small celebration of a friendship, summer and romance, for laughter, as well as large gatherings and occasions such as weddings, Christmas, birthdays and graduations. Whatever it is that needs to be celebrated, they have specially handcrafted a drink for the occasion.

The rest of our team feel the same passion, and each product has been meticulously checked and tested to suit the tastebuds of our customers. We’re here to provide for every type of individual, connoisseurs, toe-dippers, “only on occasions” sippers. Our impressive portfolio of hand-crafted treasures will be sure to please even the most discerning palate and heighten some of life’s happiest moments. We even have Virtual Wine Tastings a go (although, the wine’s not virtual).

We work with mainly family-owned, independent, producers that create wine with passion, integrity, and personality. Robin one of our most beloved partner is armed with a great palate and, has selectively hand-picked over 300 wines to build our portfolio from the most brilliant artisanal producers around the globe.

Our delivery is nice and swift, as we don’t like to keep our customers waiting. To us, our customers are like second-family and we want to ensure we provide the utmost quality experience with us possible.

Wine & Something is growing and our demands for our products are increasing, so the funds raised from this campaign will go towards stock purchase.

Wine & Something is also an e-commerce business and has not as a business been impacted by the pandemic. Moreover, wine sales has increased by ‘41%’ across the UK.

Credit Commentary:
The directors are providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. One director is a homeowner, however, this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors. The business has a good current ratio, increased working capital, and has gone from loss making in 2019 to profiting in 2020. The bank statements demonstrate reasonable affordability. There was a settled default, due to a change of address, on the director credit file and that is why the interest rate was increased by 1% from the base interest rate.


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£ 52k
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Key people

Robert John Edwards
Dale Agar

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Guildford, UK

"Your Moments, Our Wines, Pure Magic"

5 years, 7 months
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