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Whites Group are among the rising fintech companies overturning the financial sector, providing the financial technology necessary to empower businesses to make the most of their money. As one of the fastest growing and most entrepreneurial businesses in the U.K., their efficient and transparent services allow clients to make bigger savings. The funding will allow them to expand on many areas of their award-winning business, such as development of software and geographical reach.

Re-writing the rulebook for foreign exchange

With our offices based in London, Nottingham, and Singapore, Whites Group provides the basis for our clients to make better decisions through our constantly evolving technology solutions. We offer flexible finance services for small businesses, fund managers, and third party foreign exchange providers, with client-focus at our forefront. This has earned us a prestigious place on the Startups 100 List, and our CEO and founder, Jack Horton, has been acclaimed as one of the Young Guns winners for his entrepreneurial success.

With our assistance, companies can make more informed decisions, saving them up to hundreds of thousands of pounds on single transactions. We have three services: Settle, which provides up-to-the-minute rates; Fund, which allows major investment back office work to run smoothly; and FXbos, which tracks FX payments and profits. Our combination of authoritative financial thinking and the latest available technology guarantees our clients the best price for Euros and U.S. Dollars, same-day delivery of international currencies, and secure overseas transactions. As well as innovation, building long-term professional relationships and trust between ourselves and our clients is the foundation to our successful business.

We aim to carry on this trend through extensive development, and building on the characteristics that have formed the high reputation that we have earned among those that we have worked with. We are preparing new things to offer, such as a new institutional service that can provide each client with a treasury function. The pledges made by the investor community will go towards our international expansion, continued technology development, and increasing the size of our sales team.


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A. This was an error, we have yet to draw down any funds. I will liaise with Crowd2Fund regarding this. Apologies for any inconvenience.

A. Colin, im not sure where you get this impression. As above it has been hectic week so i am just getting round to answering questions. We are taking it very seriously.

A. Bernard, questions outstanding because it has been a hectic week travelling and I have only just had a chance to sit down and answer them.

A. This year we have incurred a lot of costs in building our IT systems, this has lead to good growth in our corporate FX offering since, so that is a positive. We have also incurred costs keeping on top of regulatory updates such as PSD2 and GDPR. Once we have these costs out of the way by the end of Q1 2018 we will look to invest to grow the business further.

A. WTUK is the legal company name, Whites Group is our trading name.

A. Philip, we regard client funds as assets that are then netted off as liabilities. We have to show them in our accounts and this is the way we do it.

A. Golnar, the EUR, USD, GBP market is a huge market on its own and provides an opportunity for us to give give clients the fastest and cheapest payments available. In terms of expanding our range, yes we currently transact in 36 different currencies worldwide. We are also regulated in Singapore which opens up south east asia which is a huge opportunity.

A. Colin, Transferwise offer a different service to Whites. where they focus very much on price and app based efficiency. We are much more focused on businesses that have a more strategic, consultative need. We don't charge our customers transaction fees but there is an FX margin which we apply, as do Transferwise. We use our currency audit technology to identify a customers current costs and look to guarantee a saving. We also re audit these transactions to give piece of mind.

A. Michael, No the majority of our transactions are guaranteed by our T&C'S. In the event that an order is not fulfilled we would then be liable for any market losses. This is generally minimal. This occurs very rarely, we mitigate the risk by knowing our customer and the credit worthiness during our due diligence process.

A. Our assets are generally cash at bank, client funds held on account at year end and office equipment etc. Our Liabilities are made up of again client funds held on account, hire purchase and external funding.
In terms of spend, we will be looking to develop new features for our online payment system, an increase in the sales effort and to market the product to a wider audience.

A. We tend to focus on providing the best products and services to business customers (SME). These customer require a much more personal approach meaning we build strong long term relationships with our clients.

A. Hi, Yes they are competitors of ours along with the likes of World First, Moneycorp etc, however we do focus the majority of our efforts on SME's that are doing business overseas.

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"Re-writing the rulebook for foreign exchange"

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