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Whites Group, a highly-acclaimed fintech company overturning the financial sector, have returned! As one of the fastest growing and most entrepreneurial businesses in the UK, their efficient financial technology allows clients to make bigger savings and to maximise their money. They will use the funds raised to grow their sales team and marketing strategy, as well as updating their Whites Pay system.

Re-writing the rulebook for foreign exchange

At Whites Group we offer flexible finance services for small businesses, fund managers, and third party foreign exchange providers, with client-focus at our forefront. Our aim to provide our clients with a basis to make better decisions through our constantly evolving technology solutions has earned us a prestigious place on the Startups 100 List, and our CEO and founder, Jack Horton, has been acclaimed as one of the Young Guns winners for his entrepreneurial success.

With our offices based in London, Nottingham, and Singapore, we help people around the world save up to hundreds of thousands of pounds on single transactions. We have three services: Settle, which provides up-to-the-minute rates; Fund, which allows major investment back office work to run smoothly; and FXbos, which tracks FX payments and profits. Our combination of authoritative financial thinking and the latest available technology guarantees our clients the best price for Euros and U.S. Dollars, same-day delivery of international currencies, and secure overseas transactions. As well as innovation, building long-term professional relationships and trust between ourselves and our clients is the foundation to our successful business.

This is our second raise with Crowd2Fund and we experienced great success with your investments. With this round, the money raised will primarily go towards expanding our sales team through recruitment and increasing their activity. We will also dedicate portion towards marketing, where we will run a campaign for our online FX auditing software to grow our current client book. Finally, in order to keep up with our users' diverse needs, we will develop a new features online payment system, including Ripple payments network integration.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 150k
£ 149k
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Funded 3 months ago in 28 days

Where will the funds go?

Recruitment/increasing sales
Whites Pay Update

Key people

Jack Horton

A. Hi Keonne, We are looking into it in depth currently, it is not something that will be in the near term but is a strong possibility.
However we are currently in the early stages of integrating Ripple's blockchain payment network to take advantage of the enhanced payment speeds and decreased cost per transaction.

A. Hi David, Yes apologies for that im not sure why that is all wrong on here. I will have it rectified. Frederick owns 9% of the company and as you say resigned in 2014. We have two directors as it says on companies house.

A. Hi Mohammed, We don't have our 2018 figures was of yet as our year end is August. We have forecast to break even this year as we have had a lot of Capex on regulatory changes and restructuring. This was all in aid to create a stable regulatory and in structurally sound business so we can build and make profit next year.

A. Hi Hallam, The £33k in less than 12 months and the rest over 12 months. We will make repayments via organically generated cash flow. There may be the option to sell assets within the company if needed.

A. Hi Colin, Sorry for the delay.
The majority of this is made up of employee salaries and consultancy fees. This was because we started and completed the build of our payments system Whites Pay. It was particularly costly because we built the complete back end ourselves instead of buying one in. I hope this helps. Thanks

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"Re-writing the rulebook for foreign exchange"

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