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Web Market Place, trading as, are back following their last successful raise to continue their growth. is combatting the second most polluting industry in the world, fashion, by purchasing clothing from recycling centres to sell via their website and retail channels. Since their last raise, they have continued scale and will use the funds raised now to move to a larger warehouse, hire more staff, update their software and continue to purchase more stock.

Go green with pre-worn clothing

Web Market Place, trading as, was established with a clear mission: to offer an alternative to high street fashion which has a damaging effect on the environment. 1,800 gallons of freshwater is required to make one pair of cotton jeans, which will have a 915-pound carbon footprint. Meanwhile, around 235 million items of clothing will end up in landfills every year in the UK. Only a slim 12% of pre-worn clothing goes to recycling centres, most of which gets sent abroad. We step in and purchase as much of the discarded clothing as we can, then grade, measure, and professionally photograph each item to put on our website for resale at cheaper prices than they would be on the high street.

We currently store our products in our own 15,000 sq.ft warehouse in Oswestry and have developed bespoke e-commerce software, so we can do everything in-house and keep costs to a minimum. Our technology includes programmes to manage data, inventory, orders, and shipping respectively. As an environmentally-progressive business, we also keep our waste output to a minimum - for example, we never put damaged clothing on a landfill, but sell it onto textile companies who can, in turn, repurpose it into new fabrics or even insulation for buildings.

Since our last campaign to purchase further stock in bulk, we have grown significantly and will soon be relocating to a 33,300 sq.ft warehouse near Wrexham Industrial Estate. With the funds raised in this campaign to cover moving costs, hire more staff, update our software and continue to purchase more stock.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Revenueshare - product type
£ 30k
£ 3k
Estimated close date
29d 8h

Where will the funds go?

Update software
Relocation costs
Purchasing stock

Key people

John Crayford
Adam Jon Firminger
Red cup

Investor rewards

Bag a bargain

If you invest £250+
Get 50% off your order of preloved, clothing from top brands.

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A. Hello many thanks for your question no we do not have the resource to get 300,000 items listed but we should be close to this by the end of 2021. We are relocating to warehouse which is much larger and for the first year cheaper than our existing premises. No further relocation would be needed for some time.

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"Go green with pre-worn clothing"

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