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Web Market Place, trading as, are combatting the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion. By purchasing clothing from recycling centres to sell on via their website and retail channels, they encourage people to 'go green' as well as save money by choosing from their 60,000 available products. Any clothing that isn't bought by consumers is then sold onto textile companies, who repurpose it. The funds raised will enable them to bulk-buy further stock to resell.

Go green with pre-worn clothing

Web Market Place, trading as, was established with a clear mission: to offer an alternative to high street fashion which has a damaging effect on the environment. The fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world, second only to oil and around 235 million items of clothing end up on landfills in the UK every year. Only a slim 12% of pre-worn clothing goes to recycling centres, most of which gets sent abroad. We step in and purchase as much of the discarded clothing as we can, then grade, measure, and professionally photograph each item to put on our website for resale at cheaper prices than they would be on the high street.

We store our products in our own 15,000 square foot warehouse in Oswestry and have developed bespoke e-commerce software, so we can do everything in-house and keep costs to a minimum. Our technology includes programmes to manage data, inventory, orders, and shipping respectively. Alongside our own website, we operate on a global scale via 15 eBay channels. Currently, we have 6 permanent members of staff, as well as 2 directors to ensure smooth operation. As an environmentally-progressive business, we also keep our waste output to a minimum - for example, we never put damaged clothing on a landfill, but sell it onto textile companies who can in turn repurpose it into new fabrics or even insulation for buildings.

We've been trading for two years now, originally starting as a specialist in pre-worn suits and outerwear, and have grown to encompass all types of clothing and accessories. We now list around 60,000 unique products on our online channels, and aim to expand this. Therefore, we will use the money raised in this campaign to purchase further stock in bulk. From dresses to shoes, suits to jeans, we've got all bases covered to help consumers be their bit to help the planet and reduce waste.


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£ 25k
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Purchase stock

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John Crayford
Adam Firminger

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A. Hello Harish thankyou for your question the main increase in admin expenses in the last trading yeaar has been due to an increase in weekly payroll. This relates to dedicated ecommerce staff who list products every day.

Yes we do gain a continual increase in sales this additional payroll cost. Kind Regards

A. Hello Adam that is a very good question. In our existing facility we can warehouse 300,000 items of clothing. We currently warehouse 60,000 items. We have the option on another warehouse which enables us to hold a total of 700,000 items. This get us up to the level of one of the largest in the World which is UBUP Please see the link below.

We have projected the extra warehousing in our plan

Kind Regards John

A. Hello thanks very much. In answer to your question the only thing we service an unsecured £25,000 overdraft which has been in place since

Other than this the business has no outstanding loans, charge cards or debentures. Kind Regards John

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"Go green with pre-worn clothing"

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