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UNIQ Family Wealth are an independent advisory and wealth service, specialising in financial planning with their clients' family future in mind. This award winning, tailored advice has earned them a loyal customer base, returning throughout their 25 years of trading to their trusted Financial Planner. The funds raised will facilitate their further expansion, having already grown from their Cardiff base to set up in London and Bristol.

Making the most of your finances, from generation to generation

Established in Cardiff, 2013, we are an FCA regulated financial planning practice. We offer financial planning for retirement, estate, tax, and business, as well as mortgage and investment advice, with transparent fees. Our staff are among the most highly qualified Financial Planners in the UK; they also all hold the Diploma of Financial Planning and are Certified Financial Planners or in the process of getting the qualification. Therefore our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that we can help them make the most of their finances, and subsequently security, health, and happiness.

Our client testimonies are proof of our customer satisfaction: Marlene, our managing director, has helped many people, some of whom are still returning customers now, 25 years on. We believe in the importance of word of mouth and therefore our fantastic reputation accounts for many of our new clients, who are referred to us by personal recommendation. We go above and beyond to accommodate our clients, as well as educate and inform the public, so our website features an active blog and financial guides. In line with our face-to-face ethos, we also run award winning events, such as our upcoming session on Cascading Wealth.

We are proud to have our strengths recognised with numerous awards: 2016 was an excellent year for us, winning both Best Client Engagement and Advisor Firm of the Year (Wales) at the Professional Advisor Awards. On top of this, we won Retirement Planner of the Year in 2014 and meet the rigorous ethics, experience, competence and professional practice standards of the CISI and British Standard.

We will use the money raised to further expand our growing business via acquisition.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 250k
£ 165k
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Funded 11 months ago in 29 days

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Acquisition of another business

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Laura Elizabeth Janes
Oliver Roger Leslie Janes
Marlene Jennifer Outrim

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A. Yes, I will take it and use it as planned, to acquire another IFA practice.

A. I thought I had disclosed figures in my previous answers. Of course we keep Management Accounts as we have to provide the Regulator with these figures every 6 months. Our turnover for 2017 was about £760,000 with expenditure of £576,000. Currently we are on track for over £1 million t/o for 2018.

A. Currently we employ 3, 2 of whom are Certified and Chartered, but all with many years experience. We have just had to let one go, as he did not live up to our standards. We are currently interviewing and start a trainee in a few weeks. Planners will stay because they like our proposition, values and ethics. We are highly respected in FS, so like the reputation that comes with it. They are also paid appropriately and earn bonuses based on servicing KPIs, not monetary targets.

A. Biggest expenditure item is salaries. We give our clients a personal service, which is wholly face to face, backed with their own financial plan. Many Advisers only provide more transactional based advice. This means we need a well qualified team and to pay for them. Expenditure has remained much the same in 2017, with t/o in excess of £700,000. Acquiring a business last year and with this one now, does not mean we have to duplicate staff as most work can be operated from the Cardiff office.

A. I sold my first practice after 17 yrs in 2007 & worked for the new company for 5 years after it was sold on. I decided the to leave & because my
clients told me they preferred it when I ran the business, I decided to set up UNIQ FW in July 2013. I have been in financial services for 28 years & running Financial Planning practices for 22.We have won many awards and highly respected in the Fincnail Services community. Only 2 weeks ago we won Professional Adviser’s UK Best Client Engagement award.

A. Sorry, I had answered this question, but not seemed to have saved it. We are not acquiring any debt whatsoever, no HP or leases. Their t/o for 2016 was £272,810 and net profit £71,7888. Figures to December 2017 indicate t/o of £283,139. They seem to be fairly consistent and it is a small but well run practice.

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"Making the most of your finances, from generation to generation"

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