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Capital at risk
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We are a restaurant looking to expand to a new premises as well as purchasing new equipment. Our restaurant has influences from the wild west to Mexico with food and drinks ranging from nachos to burgers. We specialise in smoked meats, (hence the name ' The Smoke Pit') so think platters of 18 hour pulled pork to brisket and BBQ ribs.

Authentic American flavour in great British ingredients.

Having been successful in the last two years we are now looking to expand into a new restaurant allowing us to branch out to more people, so more people can enjoy our delicious food and drinks.

Being in the catering business for more than 17 years, James has honed his skill and is now providing the best service in his restaurant. Matthew is a chef, also with many years experience, and helps create the delicious food served in The Smoke Pit. James and Matthew aimed to create a haven for any lover of meat by focusing on injecting incredible and authentic American flavour into great British ingredients as well as creating a relaxed but buzzing environment for friends and families to enjoy eating in.



Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 60k
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Coming Soon

Where will the funds go?

Buy the current lease
Kitchen equipment
Painting and redecorating
Crockery etc

Key people

James Ingram
Matthew Ingram

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Northampton, UK

"Authentic American flavour in great British ingredients."

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