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The one-stop-shop for growing your business online, TSM International work across 240 different countries to provide domain names and management. They also offer various hosting services and web development tools to optimise web presence, while protecting and upholding trademarks and security. With the money raised, TSM International will develop and implement their software solutions.

Creating your online identity

A domain name marks the beginning of your company's e-cycle and forms your online identity. TSM International was therefore created in 2000 with the ambition to offer the range of services essential for developing and protecting your brand on the web. The first step is to identify and set up your international domain name: we have a range of services, from our name suggestion tool for those looking for some inspiration, to our sunrise domains service for businesses who already have a trademark that they wish to use before it's opened up to everyone. Our premium domains are perfect for attracting more traffic, with great SEO potential.

We have developed website building technology to make it as easy as possible to make your mark online. That means no coding or design background is required - simply choose from a variety of templates and use our drag-and-drop interfaces, including Weebly and We also offer hosting services, including Windows, Linux, Wordpress, and cloud solutions. With Codeguard Website Backup and Sitelock Malware Detector in our arsenal, we endeavour to therefore organise, manage, and protect your trademarks and domains internationally.

This is a growing sector that we are pioneering; top clients of ours include Avis, Baccarat, BYD Auto, Telkom SA, and Vodafone, to name a few. We will use the funds raised in this campaign to further develop and implement our software solutions, used around the world.

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"Creating your online identity"

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