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Troy Foods are a family-run food manufacturer and distributor who are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and food products to various outlets across the nation. With your pledges, Troy Foods intend on refurbishing one of their existing properties in preparation for expansion.

Quality & Excellence

With roots dating back to 1921, Troy Foods is the UK's leading vegetable processing manufacturer and seller of branded salads. Keeping in tradition with our history, we are looking to continue our monumental growth and use the funds raised via this platform to improve our beloved business even further.

Since our humble beginnings, we have gone on to manufacture and distribute more than just potatoes. It is building relationships based on trust, and our determination to provide the highest quality produce, that has led to us being the leading vegetable manufacturer in the UK. We offer a range of vegetables that includes carrots, onions, and (of course) potatoes, along with herbs, peppers, and much more. These can come in all forms and cuts, including ready-to-bake honey glazed parsnips and premium Brussel sprouts tray bakes accompanied with bacon and chestnuts in a butter glaze, or as part of one of our popular pre-packed salads.

Outside of manufacturing, we are also leading the market in the distribution sector, with a fleet of articulated vehicles available through local and national contractors to deliver to manufacturers all over the UK, reacting quickly to the marketplace as it evolves. We also don't limit the high standards to our services; through each generation of the Kempley family that has been at the helm of our company we have kept the promise to our workers to make our business something that they can be proud to be a part of.

The quality and excellence in the services that we provide has been present throughout our growth, and with the pledges made towards this campaign we can ensure a consistent expansion without losing any of the philosophies that have led to us being in the market-leading position that we are in.


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£ 100k
£ 100k
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David James Kempley
Darren Smith
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A. In 2015 a commonly owned company, Jabe Foods Limited, bought an investment property, for which Troy funded the deposit. This was sold in 2016 and the loan repaid. Hence the debtors figure is much lower. Also we have another business, Troy Foods (Salads) Limited which in its infancy relied on the credit history of Troy such that goods were purchased by Troy on their behalf. This business is now established and profitable in its own right and buys direct from suppliers on its own credit score.

A. See earlier response in respect of 2016. We have returned to profitability in 2017. 2 in every 3 staff in the factory and most of the non-direct labour are perm. employees on the Troy payroll. The largest % live locally, Morley and surrounding area, relying on public transport links. Many are non-UK born but settled here for a number of years. We don't expect Brexit to affect their status. To date we have seen an increasing supply of good labour, UK, EU and non-EU born since the vote.

A. This was set by Crowd2Fund not us. Investment decisions and returns would have to be directed to them.

A. Apologies I am not sure what you are specifically referring to here?

A. The potato crop for 2015/16 was very poor resulting in high costs for us. We were able to share some of this with our customers but others chose to reduce volume of potato (changing recipes in soups, ready meals etc) or move to cheap suppliers with less field to fork transparency. However many of these suppliers let them down mid-season by citing lack of availability and not standing on with agreed prices. Returning customers in 2016/17 saw sales rise to over £17m.

A. The food industry has suffered significant cost inflation these past 2 years that the supermarkets have pushed down the supply chain rather than to the customer. This has changed this season, for example, our biggest volume is in potato on which we are getting 5p/kg more on our contracts for the current season, September to August. Unfortunately for consumers they should expect quite significant inflation in their baskets for this period.

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