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Triton Media, trading as Tape City, have been selling a wide range of media products, from professional recording equipment to open-reel tapes, for almost 20 years via their website and major e-commerce platforms. With the funds raised, they will be investing in their website, marketing, new products and recruitment.

Offering the best prices and customer service on the internet.

Based in Uxbridge, we have a huge range of audio and visual equipment, which we sell online via our own website,, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. From mini DV tapes to recording accessories, we have you covered.

This type of specific equipment has become harder and harder to find in stores, leaving a gap in the market online. As one reviewer on Amazon said, “I struggled to find this type of battery in my local shops so was happy to buy it from Tape City.” We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and the best prices on the internet. As such, our Amazon store has over 2200 ratings, with an exceptional positive review rate of 97%.

We are looking to expand and will use the funds raised to add more products to our range, update our website and invest in marketing. We will also be growing our team, recruiting more staff.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
£ 50k
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Purchasing stock
Website development

Key people

Hira Zafar Syed

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A. HI Daryl, the previous owners were not able to manage and run the business with keen interest and were lagging behind in follow ups. We have put a very energetic young team in place and impressive results have started to show. The last year's FY Accounts ending 31 Mar 2019 would be submitted to Companies House within this week wiith decent profitabilit. All these would result in improved ratings all over very soon. Glad to have you on board. Hira

A. Hi Meharban. The business is going through expansion phase as our current suppliers and principles have added more products to their ranges. So, the funds raised will be used to buy more products and sell more. It is a very robust and timely expansion. The company has a target to double its revenue and profitability by the end of 2020.. Glad to have you on board. Hira

A. Hi Alan, we share your awe and surprise but the ground reality is that these products are in great demand. In fact, they are so much in demand that the production is active at seveal of our suppliers and principals' facilities. Of course, we are bringing in more products to our range to widen the window of sales opportunities. The business expnsion is planned to not only capitalise the current opportunities but also to entrench ourselves in the market with a much bigger product range. Hira

A. Hi Jakob, the previous owners had health and family issues and were not able to run a robust system with keen eye on all aspects o the business. We now have a very yooung and talented team in place who are putting thier dedicated efforts and results have started to show. Our FY ending March 2020 will be very imressive. Many thanks. Hira

A. Hi Jakob, the cash position is good. The new funding through Crowd2Fund is meant to be used to add more products to our range. We have long established suppliers who are encouraging us to inncrease the range and more funds are requried to do that. We shall be adding quite a few additional products to our selling range asap. Truly glad to have you on board. Many thanks. Hira

A. Hi Michael, the previous owners faced health and family issues and looked for exit, hence we took over and we are doing very well. In October alone, the sales have increased significantly as we have put young team full of energy to run the show. The transition was very timely as last quarter of the year is historically very good for our business. Truly glad to have you on board. Many thanks. Hira

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"Offering the best prices and customer service on the internet."

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