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Trendi Switch brings you elegant, seamless, retrofit led functional sockets and switches similar in price to historically dated wiring accessories. Their products sell at a variety of gold electrical suppliers, as well as internationally in 16 different countries. Working hard in tradeshows with customers to build leverage on their exposure, Trendi Switch will be using the money raised for funding stock growth for Homebase expansion from 1 metre to 2 metres in all stores this summer.

Create the finishing touch to your room design

Trendi Switch has been specified on a range of projects small to large, such as The Collective Old Oak Student accommodation in London, VIP Hotel Qatar and boutique hotels in Malta and Cyprus. We have also been featured on a BBC programme ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ where Trendi Switch was specified and received great exposure.

All of our products are easy to install with no additional wiring required, which have fireproof ABS plastic module casing and faceplates that do not fade in the sun and are scratch-proof. The products have been made easy to clean so you can keep them looking good as new. Here at Trendi Switch, we recognise the requirements for product development and whilst we are a new company, we are keen to develop our products whilst keeping the design lines. Via the feedback we receive from the public, whether at exhibitions or from comments provided to our stockists, we always look to expand and improve the range product by product.

Our latest developments feature our new cooker control panels, double blanking plates and the upcoming LED dimmer series range. The USB plug sockets (double & single) launched with great success. Since then sales have been steadily increasing along with many satisfied customers. We are now Trendi Switch looking to use the money raised for funds stock growth for Homebase expansion from 1 metre to 2 metres in all stores this summer.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 50k
£ 19k
Estimated close date
9d 23h

Where will the funds go?

Loan consolidation
Expansion- fund stock for Homebase

Key people

Ben Keith Sunderland
Secretary & Director

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A. Hi Ernst, Yes we do to cat 5 countries that take a British plug etc., being Malta, Cyprus, GIB, Ghana, to be honest our GP% is quite strong, so the current negative movement on a payment this week for 57,000$ only impacted us around £1,000 on forecast, which is not too bad given the current circumstances and $£ fluctuations. Anything else please feel free to ask. Regards, Ben

A. Afternoon Margaret,

Thank you for the question, a difficult time for everyone I'm sure.

To be honest, our warehouse is still fulfilling orders with bare bones staff, we have just had the busiest weekend with our e-commerce partners since the black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

The Government will fund 80% contribute to the direct wages, which will be a key help.

The Homebase plan for the summer, is still a go, just at the moment put back 3 weeks for obvious reasons.

Best regards,


A. Dear Jakob,

Thank you for the message, we are consolidating working capital facilities outside of C2F.

These are Nucleus & Federal capital, the monthly savings to the business will be £2.4k per month (In monthly repayments when this deal is executed), so along with the 30k addition, will be in a good place to roll our our expansion with Homebase.

Anything futher please feel free to ask.

Best regards,


A. Dear Stefan,

Thank you for the message, yes we have IP protection over all our designs in the UK & Europe right now and provisions in place for the US this summer. Anything else please just let us know.

I might add at this time, we are already in all 165 homebase stores, this is for further progression in store during the Summer 2020.

Best regards,


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"Create the finishing touch to your room design"

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