At The Traditional Free Range Egg Company, we dedicate ourselves to providing award-winning, delicious free range eggs from our family-run farm. Through the money that you pledge, we aim to consolidate our loans and launch a brand new product for our customers to enjoy.

Love, care, freedom and fresh air.

We've been farming for over 25 years in Somerset, and one thing we've learned is that the best eggs out there are those laid by free range birds. That's why we produce our eggs using traditional methods dating back to the beginnings of free range egg production to produce the best tasting eggs, whether they are scrambled, boiled, poached, or fried.

The animals who lay our eggs are given love, care, freedom and fresh air because they are not only our birds, they are our girls, and our girls are made up of happy chickens, quails, geese and ducks. We also have a flagship product in the form of our Birds & Herds eggs, which are the produce of a unique relationship between our girls and herds of sheep and cattle that increases biodiversity across our pastures.

We aren't the only ones who know our eggs are the best, earning several Great Taste awards from the Guild of Fine Food and Taste of the West awards since 2016, placing ourselves that year in the their top 50 Great Taste winners with our "perfect egg that is hard to fault". We were proud to learn that our girls had laid eggs that "cannot get any better".

Our eggs are available in over 600 independent retailers nationwide, and that number is always growing. We want to use this round of funding to offer them and their customers a brand new product to enjoy, while consolidating some of our existing debt.


Where will the funds go?

Loan consolidation
New brand and product launch

Key people

Daniel Wood
Managing Director
Briony Wood
Sales & Marketing Director
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"Love, care, freedom and fresh air."

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