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The Tablet Academy is the UK's leading provider of consultancy and training regarding the use of all forms of tablets in education - a platform agnostic organisation created to support educational institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the adoption of new technologies. We are looking to expand internationally, given that we have about 3 companies wishing to franchise our services. We are also aiming to expand our growing services across the UK.

Tablet Academy is an education consultancy and teacher training company.

Founders of Tablet Academy, Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke believe the ability to use technology is becoming as fundamental to a child's development as a child's ability to read and write. Whilst many teachers would agree with us, many are unable to embed the use of current technology into everyday learning. This is why our focus is to help schools identify and remove any barriers that slow the advancement in the use of technology in education. We believe by doing this we can improve the quality of learning for children around the world.

Our experienced consultants and educators provide a range of services including hands-on teacher training, experience days for pupils and independent advice and guidance for school leaders. We operate during school term-time with daily operations, including onsite teacher training and pupil enrichment days.

During the school holiday period, we run educational events at museums which are paid for by parents. We also support training of college lecturers in Microsoft Office365 in education, including additional services for teacher training and consultancy.

As one of only four Microsoft in Education Global Training Partners, Tablet Academy has a contract with Microsoft UK to deliver training to its education customers. Tablet Academy also has a contract with Risual Ltd. to deliver training to 30 colleges over the next 3 years.


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Stephen Ronald Molyneux
Chief Executive
Mark Ronald Yorke
Managing Director

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"Tablet Academy is an education consultancy and teacher training company."

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