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The Internet Retailer operate a collection of websites, each with a different range of products from unique brands to suit their customer base's needs. They specialise in lighting products, home accessories, importing directly themselves, and working with UK brands. Having raised multiple times with Crowd2Fund, The Internet Retailer are returning again to free up working capital, improve monthly repayments and therefore help the business continue to operate smoothly.

Pioneering online shopping destination

Selling online offers choice, spotting early on that there was potential for the internet to become a new platform for people to shop in Lighting, The Internet Retailer offers 25,000 products online, offering a huge range of colours and designs.

Our portfolio of websites is varied so that we can provide products for our customers, whatever they are looking for, including EKM, Magento, Amazon, and eBay. All of our sites offer a selection of brands that we have ensured have high quality products that complement our established, high quality reputation. Some of the top quality brands we stock include: Futronix, the market-leading lighting system manufacturer; Simon Carter, a well-established London based watch & accessories company; and Varilight, a light switch and dimmer manufacturer that has a reach that extends to markets globally offering over 5,000 wiring accessory products, a consumer-complete solution.

There are multiple partnerships that we have set up with brands that we love. With the money raised, we will continue to deliver products from these great brands to our loyal customer base, without compromising our promise to provide excellent customer service. To do so, we will consolidate a number of loans (including Crowd2Fund's) and use the remainder for working capital, where generally a stock purchase generates an ROI investment for 1:3, or 300%.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 106k
£ 51k
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Funded 2 months ago in 29 days

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Loan consolidation
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Ben Sunderland
Stephanie Louise Sunderland

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A. Hi Nick, Not at the moment. Maybe if we can get t/o to 5-10m, then maybe. Regards, Ben

A. Hi Nick, not at the moment, but I could put something together next week if there was enough demand for it? Regards, Ben

A. Morning Roger, Barclays & Assetz Capital have secured charges against commercial properties. Currently operating at 65% LTV. Barclays has a debenture, which will be coming off next month before YE I have negotiated with them as they are completely covered with the secured aspect. Regards, Ben

A. Hi Chris, it will be done in sequence, so anything towards the first 60k will be staged to consolidate (approx; 2k,8k,22k,28k), anything above this will be working capital top up. Regards, ben

A. Correct, both, Just cashflow & Kingsley Asset Finance, Feb payments will/have been made so actual balance will be closer to 60k, giving 46k working capital. Current monthly payments are circa £4,500 so this deal will actually improve monthly cashflow to around £3,000 - £1,500 monthly cash saving. In answer, all will be consolidated. Regards, Ben

A. Good morning Jakob, Thank you for the question, yes can summarise key numbers for you: T/O around the same, but could close 5% up. Key is our GP% is improving, depending on YE stock writeoff's etc. & movements to 31.03.2019, our GP% could go as high as 45%, next year we are targeting 50%, generally our net expenses haven't changed, hope that helps & answers, regards, Ben

A. Morning Jacob, Thank you for such an interesting question! I'll try & keep this brief, in essense the lighting e-commerce industry changed a lot in 2016 & 2017, we've set our foundations and started to deal direct with factories and importing. This helps 2 things, margin improvement & price to consumer. I find sourcing products quite easy. We 100% aim to grow, my target is to add £1m t/o YE 2020. In answer to your question I would say time, but cash will allow resource to help this, regards, Ben

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"Pioneering online shopping destination"

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