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Genuine Cakes is a London-based cake company providing a wide range of quality baked goods, from bespoke wedding & celebration cakes, through to cupcakes, layer cakes and macarons, available for purchase in-store or online for delivery. The company is now seeking £100,000 to continue our growth plans.

Purveyors of Luxury Cakes London

Genuine Cakes (trading as GC Couture) is owned by award-winning cake designer Marie Sinclair and her business partner, Sach Singh, who has had previous successful business exits. Together with her talented team of cake designers and sugar-craft artists, Marie is passionate about creating edible works of art, as well as innovative and delicious recipes.

Following a successful end to 2016, Genuine Cakes (GC) is now seeking investment to capitalise on the position it’s established and to grow the opportunity to service the UHNW market. We intend to use the investment to execute the marketing strategy for the premium GC Couture brand, as well as establishing the Mayfair consultation suite/showroom.

Funds will also be used for working capital to retain and grow the exceptional GC team and to improve systems and processes further to ensure continued growth. Short term plans include a lease which has been agreed in London Mayfair plan to open August 2017 as well as streamlining the GC brands and commencing a planned online/social media strategy and enhancing the website to boost online sales.

GC’s medium to long term growth plans include leveraging the reputation currently being built in London to establish further “luxury cake provider” outlets in key international markets where GC already supplies some customers, e.g. the Middle East. Other bakeries have followed this model, for example, Hummingbird and The Little Venice Cake company. There will also be opportunities for non-cake revenue streams, such as books and web tutorials on cake artistry amongst others. Nevertheless, GC is firmly focused on building the aspirational brand first through it’s new Mayfair base.

To push the growth further, the team consist primarily of...

Marie Sinclair, Founder & Creative Director
Founder Marie, combined a graphic design background with her passion for baking and sugar-craft to innovate new recipes and decoration ideas. Marie officially launched Genuine Cakes in 2010 from her kitchen and all sales came from word of mouth. This home business then developed into something special, moving into a purpose built unit and a shop front making cakes for A list Celebrities. Currently this journey has seen the team grow to 17 and Marie is renowned for her personable consultation process and converting ideas into stunning edible works of art.

... & Sach Singh, Managing Director
Sach joined the company as a partner to Marie to help steer the business through the next stages of its development. A serial networker and entrepreneur in his own right, he has been involved in a number of businesses helping and guiding them through stages of growth through to successful exit. Sach has to date invested £200,000.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 54k
£ 37k
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Funded 9 months ago in 28 days

Where will the funds go?

Ongoing Market Strategy

Key people

Sachel Singh
Marie Sinclair
Managing Director
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