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The Genuine Cake Company, trading as GC Couture, are returning to Crowd2Fund once more! With a range of beautifully designed cakes that use only the finest ingredients, GC Couture have provided complex and eye-catching designs for some of the biggest names in the events industry. This time around they are looking to improve their online presence and incorporate new technology.

Purveyors of Luxury Cakes

For nearly ten years, we have continuously strived to create perfect cakes to compliment any occasion. Although our flagship designs are wedding cakes, we have also provided delicious treats as parts of corporate gifts, children's celebrations, or even just because! We are also available to set up indulgence bars for events, so that guests can enjoy a variety of our delicious cakes.

Our food has impressed a huge number of people over the years, and caught the attention of several big companies and big names. We've provided stunning cakes for celebrities and also collaborated with the Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay. Our cakes are also now a part of event packages provided by 5-star venues such as the Savoy and Sunbeam Studios, and can be admired in our showroom based in Mayfair. We even recently had one of our cakes on display during a wedding featured on the Channel 4 documentary: A Very British Country House.

We've been able to complete several successful funding rounds thanks to the Crowd2Fund community which have allowed us to expand through refurbishment and new equipment, but this time around we have a different goal in mind. With the funds raised from this round we are looking to incorporate new technology into our processes while also increasing our social media presence.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Revenueshare - product type
£ 106k
£ 107k
Estimated close date
Funded 3 months ago in 11 days

Where will the funds go?

Adding AI to processes
Social media and web development
Loan consolidation
Working capital

Key people

Sachel Singh
Managing Director
Marie Sinclair
Creative Director

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A. Hi Jocelyn , thank you for your message , plans to use bio-degradable packaging are already in place , we have received some challenges but are committed to making this happen throughout the business , All the best Sach

A. Hi Jakob , thank you for your well wishes currently the split is 50% weddings , 15% corporate and growing 15% online store and growing 20% private and children HNW parties thanks Sach

A. Hi Stephane thanks for your question , we have had an encouraging year in 2018 increasing turnover and profitability
1 Developing packages /minimum spend with the majority of our Hotel Venues including our Wedding Cakes in the above you can more or less guarantee your income
2 Corporate gifting in the HNW market this has increased to 15% of our turnover and we can see exceptional growth in this market
3 The Indulgence Bar huge demand and our order book for 2019 is encouraging thanks Sach

A. Hi Stephane
Utilising AI in our online store , to increase visual perception of our products , to understand the buying process and decision making of our customers , this will provide much needed data . We have plans to provide our service internationally and AI will help translation between languages , thanks Sach

A. Hi Mohammed our year end is Sept 2018 so audited accounts currently not finalised , but as an indication turnover over just short of £600k and profitability in excess of 200k pre tax , so a good solid performance with continued growth thanks Sach

A. Hi Paul , thanks for your question , a few points , borrowing has increased , I wanted to keep the minimum payment below a certain amount , the plan is to repay early possible 3 years and therefore overall apr will be in line or lower , thanks Sach

A. Hi Chris , thank you for your question , we have an old revenue loan with an outstanding balance of circa £8000 will be repaid thanks Sach

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"Purveyors of Luxury Cakes"

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