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With 19 years in business, Tectrix Solutions are industry leaders in data and voice communication services, specialising in telecoms and IT. They cover both traditional and cutting-edge technology, offering products and expertise in telephones, cloud-based systems, and IP systems to help businesses perform to the best of their abilities. The funds raised will be used to expand the company's venture further into IT services.

Optimising business communication

When looking to overcome the challenges presented with modern communication, a trusted guide is essential. Therefore, we established Tectrix Solutions to offer a variety of bespoke services, giving businesses full management over their communications. Our aim is to provide all customers with a Unified Communications System, as opposed to just a simple telephone system. We then have various cloud-based integration solutions, making sure what we deliver is future-proof. Our products are from highly reputable brands, such as Panasonic, Avaya, and LG, ranging from traditional PBX systems and IP solutions.

We are based in Manchester, with a highly trained team of engineers and technicians in north west England. We value each individual and are committed to their personal development. We also have dedicated account managers to guide our clients through our services. Our customer service is therefore outstanding, with a rate of 97% customer retention and 93% of faults being resolved within the hour.

Alongside our complete telecom solutions, our IT services cover connectivity and management support. We aim to expand this area of out business with the money raised, helping us to open up more exciting opportunities. Following the success of our last campaign with Crowd2Fund, we will continue to deliver to investors as our business grows into the next phase.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 85k
£ 85k
Estimated close date
Funded 7 months ago in 26 days

Where will the funds go?

Expansion into IT services
Working captial
Loan consolidation (Crowd2Fund)

Key people

Leslie Anthony Mitty

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A. Yes it was a little low however, we expect it to be a lot better 19/20. Cashflow is good with working capital at 52k.

A. Hi, We have 180 active customers with recurring monthly revenue and we bring on around 3-5 new customers per month. All our customers are uk based

A. Hi Michael, There is a director PG against my name for this debt. Hope that's the answer you were looking for?


A. Yes it is it should be £900,000

A. Hello again! Its for both Jakob, as we are expanding into the I.T market. This will allow us to serve our existing customer base along with gaining new business customers by offering this new service.

A. Hi Jakob, We had a bumper year in 2015 which was down to landing a large client for a one off system s install which was 110k.

A. Hi There Jakob,thanks for you enquire
the headline sales are below along with the forecast for the year 20/21.
2015 £650,302
2016 £584,675
2020 900.00

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Warrington, UK

"Optimising business communication"

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