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Tandem Set and Scenery have been bringing creativity and fresh ideas to the theatre and entertainment industry for eight years. With directors who have impressive and established experience in the sector and a skilled team, they carry projects through in-house from conception to build and finish. They are currently in the midst of relocating to a larger warehouse, so will use the funds raised to support this move and purchase new machinery.

Design and practicality in one stunning set

Here at Tandem Set and Scenery, we specialise in scenery fabrication for top clients in the entertainment industry. Our founders, Glen, who has extensive backgrounds in design, carpentry, and touring theatre productions with major companies, and Leah, with an impressive background in graphics, painting, and prop making, make the perfect combination to encompass our ethos. We cover all aspects required to see a project through to completion, from production and concept to build and finish, with an excellent team in-house.

Each of our project is unique and we approach with the utmost creativity, ensuring we can execute practicality without compromising design. We work with various theatres, providing set fabrication for establishments such as The Unicorn, The Young Vic, and The Platform Theatre, among others. On top of this, we have an array of scenery creations with Swingers crazy gold clubs, Underbelly Southbank, and the National Gallery. We also worked on the Aperol Spritz Social at festivals around the UK, which was nominated for an 'Experimental Event of the Year' award.

We began trading from a studio in Stoke Newington, then upscaled to a workshop in Waltham Abbey. Now, we're in the middle of relocating again to a premises larger still to accommodate our demand. We will therefore use the funds raised in this campaign to facilitate our cash flow during this period, particularly for purchasing new machinery.


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£ 53k
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A. Hello Jocelyn, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately our industry has a reputation for creating a lot of waste, Fortunately they are more and set recycling businesses that are forming and we ourselves recycle everything we use, All our waste is separated and we only you waste company's that recycle and don't send to landfill. Can I help with anything else?

A. Hello Mohammed, I'm trying to find out if there is a way to publish this information as I'm bound to 500 characters. Hence the reason I asked for an email. In the mean time is there something specific you'd like to know?

A. I have just confirmed over £400000 of work for the first 2 months of 2019. I had a prediction of a turnover of 700000 for this year and though some good decision and a move of premises we are now looking at hitting over 1 million for the financial year.

A. can you provide an email contact to send this too.

A. Hello Jakob. To answer your question it's all of the above. We plan on buying a second cnc router, plasma cutter, laser cutter, cnc polystyrene machine and spray system. We are a specialist company at the top of our game but the one thing that always causes any issues is outsourcing. We now have the extra space to do all this under one roof. I believe the Polystyrene cnc side of the business will create so much income that this alone will cover our overheads.

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"Design and practicality in one stunning set"

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