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Stockton Trading maintain core values of collaboration, integration, and satisfaction to provide sustainable engineering solutions. They specialise in building services, from mechanical and electrical design to managing projects on behalf of major institutions across the UK. With the funds raised, Stockton Trading plan on funding exciting upcoming projects.

Bringing buildings to life

At Stockton Trading, trading under the name Stanton Consulting, we offer a wide range of services to those in the engineering and construction sectors. These services can range from carefully putting together designs that ensure sustainable and renewable energy solutions, to simply being the eyes and ears on site, offering a necessary impartial opinion at crucial times of a project. We specialise in mechanical and electrical design, using the latest Revit design programmes to model building solutions.

We’ve garnered testimonials for our work from our clients, with whom we have worked on major projects and established long-term partnerships with. An example of one of our loyal clients is Stoke City Football Club. After their promotion to the Premier League, we were tasked with helping the club on multiple occasions such as renovating their hospitality suites and conducting feasibility studies on under-soil heating. We've also worked with big names such as Bentley, Vodafone, Morrisons, and numerous universities.

Using the funds raised over the course of this campaign, we want to build more relationships of this nature by collaborating on further projects throughout the UK.

NOTE: Stanton Consulting originally traded as Stockton Trading Ltd before trading as an LLP (Harsal Trading LLP). They have recently changed back to trading as a private limited company (Stockton Trading Ltd).


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£ 75k
£ 75k
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Funded 9 months ago in 17 days

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Ben Stanton
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A. Hi Jocelyn, we design all of the services that make a building work ( heating, ventilation, lighting power etc....but we do not install any of these. Revit and the other software we use puts us at the cutting edge of the industry in terms of being able to finalise a 3D design before getting to site, that actually fits within the building and is ready to install. Hope this clarifies !

A. Hi Oliver, We have been trading for 14 years and in that time had a couple of Funding circle loans, as well as other forms of business finance. We have never defaulted on any payment, which is why its frustrating to see that credit history ignored over a simple change of company entity …..

A. Hi Oliver, It is solely based on income tax. Essentially, due to changes made by the previous Chancellor we paid more tax as an LLP than we will as a Ltd company

A. Hi Matthew, typically we usually have a pre tax profit margin of 60 - 65%

A. Hi Will, Stanton Consulting is the trading name of the business. Harval Trading LLP was the actual business vehicle until we changed to the Ltd Co ( Stockton Trading ) both Harval & Stockton have used the same trading name.....

A. Yes - we have used funding circle in the past

A. Hi Michael, The LLP has not been liquidated yet as we are still in a transitional period, and have kept the partnership open until we are happy to close it fully.

A. Hi Chris, this is because we have reverted to a Ltd company from an LLP, therefore - although the Ltd company has taken on all liabilities and the same trading name - it appears on paper that we have no trading history - and therefore the score is low.

A. YTD is 357336. Year end prediction is c£500,000

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"Bringing buildings to life"

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