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Stadn, trading as Talk to a Doctor, are pioneers in telemedicine. Their app allows patients to connect with a specialist doctor from the comfort of their own home, either via telephone, online, or by setting up a face-to-face appointment. With the latest technology providing video consultations, Talk to a Doctor have exciting developments planned. Therefore, the money raised will be used to finalise and configure their NHS app, as well as secure medical clients.

Speak to a doctor, wherever you are

Talk to a Doctor is a revolutionary service, connecting patients to a doctor at the click of a button. We are leaders in our industry, aiming to make health care more accessible. Once someone creates an account with us, they can browse our directory of UK doctors, ranging from GPs to specialists. Our doctors can give certified medical advice, send prescriptions to your local pharmacy, or deliver directly to your home, as well as providing sick notes and referrals.

We have various ways for patients to get in touch with one of our doctors. To do so by phone, they simply call our 24/7 advice line and a doctor will answer directly; to ensure patients can choose to speak to the same doctor again, each medical professional has their own PIN to ensure consistency of care. Alternatively, they can search through our online profiles, filtering by factors such as specialist area and distance, then set up a video call. Finally, if patients prefer a face-to-face approach, they can arrange an appointment with a doctor at one of our London-based clinics.

We are expanding our services, which includes health insurance, corporate wellness, and medical tourism, with partnerships with leading businesses such as Vitality Health. In the pipeline now, we have a contract with the NHS regarding our app. We will therefore use the funds raised in this campaign to facilitate the configuration of the app and software, while also securing medical clients.


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£ 106k
£ 52k
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Funded 7 months ago in 29 days

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App development
Medical clients
Working capital

Key people

Doniert Macfarlane

A. Hi Mr Hall, sorry to hear about that. We will look into that as we do not have any payments that are over a month overdue and have been repaying the loans regularly. The loan in itself will give an increased cashflow buffer we need as we expand, then the profits from the new projects will take over once we have onboarded the new clients.

A. Yes, we have invested heavily in our software in the last 2 years. This will reflect in q1 2019 whereby reselling the software has no further major overheads attached. The higher margins will therefore repay the investment to date and will reflect a wider average net profit margin closer to the 30% across the portfolio of services. Forecasts for y/e 2019 are Turnover £2.8 M net profit £480k

A. Thank you, as we have expanded and taken on new clients we need a larger working capital to assist with this, hence the new loan request. As each phase of expansion settles, this will leave us with a more stable cashflow, and larger working margins. So planning for the future.

A. Yes, there I think this is still a growing market. Although the NHS is embracing new technologies, there is still too much demand for primary care services than the NHS can provide. We are unlike any given competitor as we span direct supply of consultations and resource, software as a service and face to face service provision, so there is a lot of business diversity which will help us adapt to this fast moving industry.

A. Thank you Mr Frickelton and I remember you supporting us 2 years ago when we first launched a the loan raise on the platform. The growth has been a 99% organic growth and 1% a recent acquision which hit the bottom line from only May 2018 aftectio only one month. The growth is fueled by demand from for telemedicine services and the adaptations we have done. We have realized a significant expansion in the fields of software as a service. The SAAS solution has been adopted by 2.2 m NHS customers.

A. We were offered the chance to consolidate the loans in one but for simplicity have gone for this format through the crowd2fund platform to achieve our raise target to enable us to take advantage of the environment we find ourselves in. That is, where our initial software offerings are well received and now we have been asked to adapt what we have developed to major new clients across 4 target sectors.

A. The most part of this is for development of further software for tenders we have won and working capital to service new contracts we have won for in person medical services, the NHS and new insurance clients. A small amount will be spent on retail advertising, and further on our last revenue lever of our counselling service.

A. Hi Michael, thank you, yes we have a number of things going on currently. We have are expanding rapidly and the loan is being used for working capital and development of specialist adaptation of our software for new insurance customers and the NHS are front loading the costs, hence the loans in advance of the additional revenue expected from q1 2019

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"Speak to a doctor, wherever you are"

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